Watch … Syrian actor “Bassem Yakhour” enters a fit of crying in the air: “I’m scared today”

Al-Marsad newspaper: A Syrian actor, Basem Yakhour, posted a video on his Instagram account that showed him how he got into a crying fit in the air in a TV interview on “This is me.”

The lecturer’s question about one of the situations caused “Yakhour” to cry; As she commented, “I know it’s an indescribable feeling that bothers my heart one way or another,” “Bass” said, “You’re right when you’re talking about a terrible problem.”

Bassem Yakhour added in another situation with the words, “I’m scared today,” after the program moderator said, “We found out that there are many things that viewers know about … Many people who are inspired by the question say this thing. ”

Bassem Yakhour spoke of the drama by saying, “Unfortunately, we trade in a fashionable way today,” while Basim pointed out when he seemed influenced by answering the moderator’s questions.

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