Watch … Muhammad Ramadan is pictured laying his foot on a chair in a private jet and smoking a cigar: “I repent.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan aired a video for part of his new song “I’m the Top” on his official Instagram account, given his crisis following the recruitment of an Israeli singer in Dubai.

Muhammad Ramadan surprised everyone with the promotion of the song “I am the top”, whose lyrics indicate defiance and self-confidence, and his photographs with Israeli celebrities called for his apology for resolving the crisis.

And Mohamed Ramadan appeared in a promotional video for his song on a private jet, which looks luxurious, put his foot on a chair and smoked cigars, which indicates that he is sure.

And the words of the song “Ramadan” say, “I repent, you are strong, we burn shit, I sleep every day and sit with the stars, I appear at any moment of taking a shot, you play with me, you stay in trouble. I repent until I repent. ”

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