The son of the artist “Abdul Majeed Abdullah” reacts to the criticism of publishing his grandmother’s painting!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, has been criticized by some of the pioneers of the social network “Twitter” for publishing a picture of his mother after her death as an expression of his desire and love for her.

His son Muhammad responded to this criticism by saying, “As for the group that asks and asks for the image of my grandmother to be erased and discusses this subject, everyone has their own opinion, which I respect, but my grandmother’s face is a good and blessing in our lives. . Man, biography and face allowed and good “.

And Muhammad added, “God has given her acceptance and love from the people of this world, and God is giving her acceptance in the other world, O Lord … the blessings of our family and our soul, which will not be extinguished at the end of life. in each of us. ”

And Abdul Majeed Abdullah turned his picture on Twitter into a drawing of his deceased mother and also posted two of her pictures in two separate tweets. As he said in the second, “One day I fell ill and everyone slept except my mother.”

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