Barcelona hardened Osasun by four and Messi said goodbye to Maradona

Argentine Lionel Messi scored a stunning goal and gave loyalty to his late compatriot Diego Maradon. Barcelona defeated Osasun 4-0 on Sunday and returned to victory in the Spanish Premier League.

Messi ended the impressive teamwork with a huge shot into the net from the penalty area during the second half after Barcelona scored three goals by Martin Braithwaite, Antoine Griezmann and Philip Coutinho.

After scoring the goal, Messi took off his T-shirt and revealed another red-and-black T-shirt, the shirt of his hometown of Newell’s Old Boys, which was number 10 that Maradona wore when he played there for a while in 1993.

Before the excavation, Barcelona praised Maradona, who played for the club in a busy but unsatisfactory period between 1982 and 1984, when he put a former signature T-shirt in the stadium cabin while players stood for a minute in mourning in front of the old Barcelona shirt number 10.

Barcelona defender Climo Lenglet came with an ankle injury and the club no longer had a decent defender in the first team after Samuel Umtiti, Ronald Arauj and Gerard Pique.

Barcelona’s victory comes after losing 1: 0 to Atletico Madrid in the last round to advance to seventh place with 14 points from nine matches, nine points behind the leaders Real Sociedad and Atletico.

“Maradona deserves such an emotional celebration,” Coutinho said. “We have lost the symbol of the world. Everyone who loves football loves it, and we all miss it.”

“We did not know that Messi organized this celebration for Maradona. It was a pleasant surprise, “added Griezmann.

“It was important to win today because the best teams won and we did not want to carry any new trips. We knew about its difficulty, but today we showed that we want to win the league and we have the skills to do so. ”

Messi got a rare break last week and he and his teammate Frenkie de Jong stayed in Barcelona, ​​while the Spanish team won 4-0 against Dynamo Kyiv and secured a group stage in the Champions League.

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman gave striker Braithwait the opportunity to start the match after Dane played against Dynamo, and Barcelona benefited from his presence in the penalty area, which he had missed since striker Luis Suarez left.

Barcelona almost advanced with an early goal after Messi, Griezmann and Coutinho worked together, but Osasun defender Unai Garcia removed Coutinho’s shot from the goal line.

After confusion inside the penalty area, Braithwaite opened the score and Griezmann added a second goal with a breathtaking shot from behind the penalty area.

Griezmann, who also netted Dynamo, scored the third goal of his teammate Coutinha, who could not miss an opportunity.

Osman Dembli thought he had scored the fourth goal before the referee’s assistant’s video hit to cancel it before the last word from Messi came.

The Argentine judiciary blew it up with an official statement. “Diego’s death is not normal.”

An Argentine news agency reported on Sunday evening that a Maradon doctor had been charged with “unintentional murder.”

The Argentine judiciary has issued an order to inspect the home and clinic of Leopoldi Luque, the doctor of the late Diego Armando Maradona, a legend of Argentine football, who died on November 25 this November due to a sudden heart attack.

Loki was accused of wrongdoing during a period of home care that Maradona received after being released from the hospital after undergoing surgery after a health problem.

According to the Italian daily “Calcio Mercato”, the “foggy” areas in the crisis of leaving Maradona remain unclear, which led the judiciary to open an investigation into the role of the doctor and nurse responsible for Maradona’s care in recent days.

The same newspaper added that the absence of a pacemaker at the Maradona residence is confusing, given the health of the former football legend, and the absence of a 24-hour doctor is also an important issue.

The crisis of negligence in dealing with Maradon’s health is not the first since the news of the departure of the legend of the Italian team Napoli, who also played in the jerseys of many teams, especially in Boka Juniors from Argentina and Barcelona, ​​where two images of some people provoked great international controversy.

Two images were spread out, gathering three people, one of whom was among the staff responsible for the burial of a late Argentine legend, one photographed with Maradon’s body and two photographed together in the same way, which caused great global anger.

The trio was threatened with death and have since disappeared from sight, the employee has been dismissed and the trio has been charged with official allegations of personal rights violations.

Argentine police raided the personal doctor of the late footballer Leopold Lock on Sunday, and investigators are examining the measures taken by medical staff.

A dramatic turnaround in the investigation of Maradon’s death came after nightly reports of blasphemy with his personal physician in the days that led to his cardiac arrest last Wednesday.

Locke is at home exploring the suburbs of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

Local television stations broadcast images of an Argentine police raid at Locke’s Clinic.

The search warrants were issued after Maradon’s daughters Delma and Gianina made a statement yesterday asking if the medicine their father was receiving was appropriate.

The Argentine media said that Loki could be questioned as a “goblin”, which means that someone is undergoing a formal investigation on suspicion of abuse or neglect, not just a witness.

Maradon’s lawyer, Matthias Morla, last week called for a high-level investigation into the emergency response to the death of a retired footballer.

Matthias Morla said: The first ambulance took more than half an hour to arrive at a rented house north of Buenos Aires, where the former star of Naples and Barcelona had a heart attack.

He described the delay as “criminal folly.”

Morla also complained that Maradona had not received any medical examinations within 12 hours of his death, and seems to be increasing the stress of the former football doctor.

It turned out that the first ambulance took 11 minutes to reach the private gate of San Andres near Buenos Aires, where Maradona had moved after she left the hospital on November 11 after a blood clot in her brain.

And on Saturday, it turned out that Maradona’s sister had admitted that she had lied about testing early in the morning.

The exciting confession added another secret to the circumstances of his death.

Early reports suggested that the 24-year-old nephew who lived with him at San Andreas’ house was the last person he saw alive at breakfast the day Diego died.

Before he went back to bed and died in his sleep, he said to his relative, “I’m not feeling well,” before informing the investigator that he didn’t get up to eat on Wednesday.

Diego’s nephew told investigators that he last saw him when he went to bed around 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

Among the things the police found in his room was an uneaten sandwich at night.

The nurse working the night shift told investigators that she saw Maradona “sleep and breathe normally in bed” around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A report in the hands of prosecutors investigating the death of a retired football player leaked to the Argentine media and was signed by a nurse named Dahiana Gisela Madrid, who took the lead at about the same time, saying: “At 6.30 I started the shift and the patient rested “.

A medical report from the private medical company Medidum is now in the middle of an ongoing investigation after a nurse told investigators that she did not enter Diego’s bedroom the morning after his death to examine him.

And the local news agency Telam, referring to court sources, said in a report widely reflected in the Argentine press that the nurse claimed in her second sworn statement that she was “forced to lie” because of the Medida report.

And what the witness added in the second statement is that she was forced to write in a report for Medidum, where she is part of a nursing team helping people receiving home medical care, that she tried to monitor Maradon’s vital signs when that was the case. The report said she had let him rest.

It has not been clarified whether she claims that her bosses forced her to make a “false” report for fear of being accused of negligence over Maradona’s death, or that her hand was forced by others.

Shortly before noon, a psychiatrist and psychologist who was part of Diego Maradona’s care team, Susanna Kosachov and Carlos Diaz, allegedly entered the room and tried several times unsuccessfully to resuscitate him before calling 999.

An Argentine media report made by Maradon’s personal physician Leopoldo Locke for emergency services indicates that he suffered a heart attack.

The former star of Naples and Barcelona, ​​who was 60 years old, announced her death at noon on Wednesday.

Initial post-mortem results revealed that recovering cocaine addicts, who also had alcohol problems, had heart failure that caused pulmonary edema.

Doctors have also reportedly discovered dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle weakens and enlarges and is unable to pump enough blood to the rest of the body.

Pulmonary edema, an accumulation of fluid in the lung tissue and airways, is in most cases caused by heart problems.

Prosecutors are analyzing footage of the camera system at the building where Diego lived and the cell phones of the nurses caring for him hours before his death.

And Leopoldo Locke was not in the rented house Maradona had used when he died.

A court source told the prestigious Argentine daily “La Nacion”: “Because Loki was Maradon’s personal physician, it was decided to search his home and undergo surgery to find documents that could determine if there was any wrongdoing during Maradon’s home treatment. . ”

Investigators are expected to look for details of the drugs given to Maradon, his medical records and other documents that could play a key role in the investigation.

Thirty police officers and court clerks are reportedly in Loki’s house and others at his work address.

Diego and his doctor Leopoldi Loki

Cavani leads Manchester United to turn the table in Southampton

Uruguay veteran star Edinson Cavani scored two goals and scored another, leading his Manchester United team to overturn the 0-2 lead to a thrilling last-minute victory of 2/3 today, Sunday, in the tenth stage of the Premier League football tournament.

United, who achieved their third consecutive victory in the competition, rose to 16 points in seventh place and still have a postponed match, while Southampton’s balance remained at 17 points in fifth place.

Southampton advanced to bear the signature of Pole Jan Bednarik in the 23rd minute, before his teammate James Ward-Pruss added a second goal in the 33rd minute.

With Cavani, who joined United this season from Paris Saint-Germain, got off the bench before the start of the second half, United managed to achieve a fierce uprising against its hosts.

And Portuguese Bruno Fernandes scored the first goal for guests in the 59th minute of Uruguayan industry, who scored the second and third goals in the 74th minute and the second of the lost time to prove that he won for the team of Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

FIFA and AFC congratulate Al Hilal on winning the King’s Cup and the historic trio

FIFA congratulated Al Hilal on winning the King’s Cup for the ninth time in history, after defeating Al Nasr in the final match on Saturday night, ending Al Hilal with two goals against one.

He said through his official FIFA account: “Administrator of the Cup of the Two Holy Mosques … Al Hilal 2 and Al Nasr 1”.

A FIFA account indicated that South Korean Hyun Soo opened the score for Al Hilal, followed by Frenchman Pavitimbi Gomez with a second goal before Ayman Yahya scored the winning goal, but the account was wrong, indicating that the scorer of the winning goal was Ahmed Salem.

On the other hand, the AFC congratulated Al-Hilal on winning the King’s Cup after defeating Al-Nasr 2: 1 in Saturday’s final match at Durrat Al-Stadium via his website and official Twitter account.

Where the first Hilal football team included the two Holy Mosques Cup, the AFC 2019 and Mohammed Bin Salman Professional League, he achieved a hat-trick in just 370 days, an unprecedented success for the Saudi club.

In this way, Hilal increased the balance in the custody of the Cup Championship of the two Holy Mosques to No. 9, which equaled Al-Ittihad in second place, while Al-Ahly remained the highest record holder in 13 championships, while the winning complex continued in the same competition since 1990 did not win When he won the title at the expense of cooperation, then he won two goals without a match.

The Korean duo, Hyun Soo and Frenchman Pavitimbi Gomez brought their Al Hilal team to the King’s Cup at the expense of their traditional Al-Nasr match, scoring two blue team goals in a row in the first game.

And before the cup final, Al Hilal presented the final of the Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League in the latest version, after his rival with his rivals Al-Nasr, where Al-Azraq finished the league with 71 points, a full 8-point difference from Nadah Al-Asfar. which occupied the finalist with 64 points.

Al-Hilal was crowned AFC Champions League on November 24, 2019, after beating his host Urawa Red Diamonds, Japan, 2-0 in the second half of the tournament final.

The goals of the Saudi team Salem Al-Dossary and the Frenchman Pavitembe Gomez scored in two minutes (74 and 90 + 3), while the first stage in Riyadh ended with the goal of the Peruvian Andre Carrilla.

The Ministry of Sports in Egypt has issued a decision to “temporarily” freeze the board of Zamalek Club

Today on Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports issued a decision temporarily suspending the Zamalek club’s board of directors until the prosecutor’s investigation into financial irregularities was contained in a report by the ministry’s financial control committee.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Egypt has issued a detailed statement regarding its decision concerning the Zamalek Club, as well as several similar decisions issued to a group of other youth clubs and centers at the national level.

At the end of its statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports confirmed that these measures fall within the scope of efforts to control the financial and administrative performance of various youth and sports bodies in all governorates under statutory conditions, taking into account the Ministry’s willingness to provide Egyptian sports and youth stock full support and care and create an appropriate climate to achieve results comparable to the comprehensive renaissance that the Egyptian state is currently witnessing in various areas.

His car broke down and burned down.

Roman Grogan, a Formula 1 driver, had a terrible accident on Sunday in which he set fire to his car at the Bahrain Grand Prix and caused the race to stop.

In the first session, Grogan turned off the track after the third turn after some friction with Danielle Kviat, the driver of the “Haas” team, and his car exploded in a collision and split in half.

After a few seconds, the French driver miraculously emerged from the flames and was immediately rescued by rescue services on the side of the track.

“It’s okay,” said Günther Steiner, manager of the Haas team. “He suffered minor burns to his hands and ankles,” he added. He is conscious. ”

“As a precautionary measure and for further medical examination, Roman will be taken to hospital,” the Haas team added on Twitter.

There was an interval of 18-20 seconds between the point of impact and the Grogan emanating from the flame. The fickle and charred front half of the car, from which Grossgen managed to escape, was overcome the side barriers of the lane.

“I’ve never seen such a fire in 12 years,” said Alain van der Merwe, the driver of a medical vehicle.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton wrote on Twitter: “I am very grateful that Roman is safe … The risk we take is not a joke, for those who have forgotten that we have given our lives for sport and for what we do Thanks to the FIA ​​for … “The enormous steps we have taken to get Roman away safely. ”

Grogan made his Formula One debut in 2009 and joined the US Haas team in 2016, although he is due to leave at the end of the current season.

The 34-year-old has climbed 10 stages during his career.

Coach Al-Hilal: They tried to defeat us with conspiracies … and Al-Nasr hit us twice in 5 days

Al Hilal’s coach, Razvan Lucescu, confirmed that it is not difficult for him to motivate players after being expelled from the AFC Champions League, which explains the importance of always fighting humility.

Yesterday, Saturday, for the ninth time in its history, Hilal won the title of Depository of the Cup of the Two Holy Mosques when Al-Nasr beat two goals to one goal at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh in the final match.

Al-Hilal scored the first goal via Jang Hyun Soo in the tenth minute and Baftimbi Gomez scored the second goal from the penalty kick in the 42nd minute, while Al-Nassr scored his only goal in the 71st minute via Aymana Yahya.

In a statement for Radio Sport 1, coach Al Hilal said: “We humbly knew we would fight all the time. We worked hard and believed in the full conviction that we could win no matter how hard they tried to push us from behind. Al Nassr had to save his season, they wanted the championship, but we took the cup and won. I hit them twice in 5 days. I’m proud of the player. ”

“It was not difficult for me to motivate them. We know we won the group, it’s a step forward. You made the frustration positive. Let’s prove who we are. Every morning when we woke up to this idea, I put a lot of pressure on the players and I really tortured them in training and now I showed them that I am with them and I love them, so I celebrated and danced with them yesterday just like them. . ”

“It was clear that they wanted to get us out of the AFC Champions League,” he said. There are conspiracies everywhere. In sports, politics and everything. In the previous issue, I was the winner, Saudi football is very strong, even if the world or people at home do not believe it. That is true and we will continue to fight. ”

Last summer, Lucescu took over as Al Hilila’s coach and played 57 games. The Romanian coach won 41 wins, 10 draws and only six defeats.

Hattrick leads the unit to restore the tone of victory from Al-Batin Gate

Al-Wehda regained the tone of victory from the gate of his guest Al-Batin (3-2) tonight, on Sunday, in Mecca Al-Mukarramah, in the sixth round of the League of Professionals in the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Cup.

In his club, he scored a hat-trick for Dimitri in a few minutes (20, 54 and 86), while the Angolan partial goal was scored by Fabio Abro in two minutes (4 and 90).

Al-Wehda increased his score to 6 points in thirteenth place in the rankings, while Al-Batin’s balance stopped at 7 points in ninth place.

The first half was a positive draw (1: 1) and Al-Batin managed to score early, via Angolana Fabio Abreu in the (4) minute after the complicated extermination of Mohamed Al-Rayhi.

The unit equalized the result after several consecutive attacks from a penalty kick taken by the Australian Dimitri Petratus in the 20th minute.

In the second half, Petratus added a second goal in the 54th minute after a nice pass by Ahmed Abda, who received it and hit it with his left hand from the left goalkeeper.

The home side put themselves ahead 1 – 0 after 86 minutes courtesy of a breakthrough from Husajna Al-Issu, who scored with a stunning volley following a cross from the right wing.

A reduced the score for the second goal, which Abro scored in the last minute with a header, and despite the guests’ attempts to adjust, the match ended in a 3: 2 victory for Al-Wehdy.

Tottenham regained the lead in the Premier League by drawing with Chelsea

Tottenham Hotspur took first place in the Premier League with a 0-0 draw with host Chelsea in Sunday’s match between guest coach Jose Mourinh and former player Frank Lampard.

(London Derby) was the middle level, where the players of both teams showed poorly and there were few opportunities to score, so each team scored only one point.

Chelsea, which won three league titles under Mourinho, spent long periods in the middle of Tottenham Hotspur, but sought to create opportunities in Tottenham’s defensive discipline, which the Portuguese coach made famous during his two terms at Stamford Bridge.

Tottenham overtook Liverpool by a difference of goals and was at the top of the competition with 21 points, two points behind Chelsea, third in ten rounds.

Omar needs a goal to get the historic top scorer in the Saudi league.

Adel, the striker of the Syrian club Al-Ahly, Omar Al-Somah, is Nasser Al-Shamrani as the best rated professional league player with 126 goals.

Al-Somah remains the goal and becomes the Saudi league’s top scorer, while Al-Ahly scored a goal against Al-Faisali in today’s match and Naser Al-Shamrani, a former striker for Al-Hilal, Al-Shabab and Al-Wehda, was the same.

In the sixth round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s professional cup league, Al-Somah managed to score the goal of advancing to Al-Ahly against Al-Faisali.

Al Somah: My happiest moment is when Al-Ahly crowned the league ahead of Al-Hilal

Al-Somah said after the meeting ended with a statement for the broadcast channel: “Praise God for victory, 3 important points. I am very proud of myself after I became the historical scorer of my league, which is the strongest in the Arab world and one of the most powerful leagues in the world with 126 goals. In Al-Ittihad, my happiest moment is when Al-Ahly crowned the league before Al-Hilal. ”

The first football team of the Al-Ahly club managed to achieve victory over its counterpart Al-Faisali with two goals to one during the match that took place between them today, Sunday, in the sixth round of the League of Professional Cups of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

In the 28th minute, Al-Ahly’s first goal was passed by his Syrian studio, Omar Al-Somah, after a strong shot from inside the penalty area after he avoided Al-Faisali’s defense.

The professional Al-Ahly, Alexandro Mitrita, scored the second goal against Al-Faisali in the 68th minute with a sharp shot from the penalty area.

In the minute (90 + 5) Julio Tavares scored the first goal of Al-Faisali from the penalty kick, when he touched the ball of Abdl Basset Hindi’s hand in the penalty area.

With this result, Al-Ahly increased his score to 13 points, placing him third in the professional league table, in contrast, Al-Faisaly placed eighth with 9 points.

Al-Ahlye’s star, Omar Al-Somah, matched the number of former national team star Nasser Al-Shamrani as the player with the highest number of goals in the Professional League, and the number of Nasser Al-Shamrani corresponds to 126 goals.

Omar Al-Somah must score one goal to break Nasser Al-Shamrani’s record and become a historic scorer in Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s professional cup league since the start of the professional era in the 2008/2009 season.