Al-Hilal, the “historic triathlon champion”, is training again

The first football team of the Al-Hilal club (champion of the historic three) returned to their training today on Monday after reaching the Royal Cup.

Where participants performed mainly in the final match, a retrospective, while other players conducted regular training focused on fitness and technical aspects, amid a follow-up to Al Hilal Club Chairman Fahd bin Saad bin Nafal.

Technical Director Razvan Lucescu has introduced tactical training, followed by a technical maneuver, and Al Hilal’s first football team will continue training tomorrow afternoon in preparation to meet Al-Fateh’s guest in next year’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman professional cup league postponed from sixth round.

Martinez will undergo a medical examination to find out when to return to the stadiums

Today, Al-Nasr’s first team began preparations for Abha on Thursday in the postponed match of the sixth round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s professional cup league after Portuguese coach Roy Vitoria allowed players to lose two goals to Al Hilal after losing the King’s Cup final. . .

Before training, Club President Safwan Al-Suwaiket met with players and technical and administrative readiness and asked them to forget about losing the final and to continue winning the league in order to improve the team’s position in the rankings.

The field exercises began with strengthening the fitness aspects and exercises in the iron gym and ended with various tactical aspects.

In contrast, Argentine victory midfielder Martinez undergoes a medical examination to determine the date of his return to the stadiums, as Martinez suffered a chest injury that led to his replacement during the last confrontation with Al-Hilal in the final of the Two Holy Mosques Cup Depository.

Martinez left the match between Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr in the 65th minute in the final of the Depository of the Cup of the Two Holy Mosques after complaining of chest pain.

Portuguese coach Rui Vitoria is waiting for the results of medical tests, which will determine the date of the player’s readiness to participate in other matches.

“Shula” is at the top of the fifth day with the best timing

Under the auspices of His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Minister of Sport, Chairman of the Saudi Olympic Committee, and in the presence of His Highness Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed, Chairman of the Board of the Saudi Camel Federation, tomorrow, Tuesday 1 December, Ramah Camel Race closed. These races are on the calendar of the Saudi Camel Federation in the 2020-2021 sports season following the Hail and Nairiyah races, previously announced in six areas of interest to His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, who directed the second race. On the twentieth of last August, a number of camel races took place in the Kingdom, including the operations, organization and equipment of their fields and the prizes awarded to them; His Highness is interested in camel sport and his interest in the development of this historic sport, which is an important part of the heritage and culture of the kingdom throughout history.

In the morning of the final day, in addition to the Qa’dan-Zemoul Marathon, the “Bakkar-Hail Marathon” will be witnessed, while the “Symbol of Zemoul Open” and the General Zamul Symbol will be held in the evening, which begins at 2 p.m.

On the other hand, “Shula” from its owner, Abdullah Muhammad Al-Huwaiti, achieved a time advantage in Monday’s 8 km competition, “8 runs Hail – Zamoul”, after arriving at 12: 48 331 minutes, in which the winners’ results first place came in rounds from second to eighth. Respectively: we find rattan, fluff, precious, relaxed, scary, octopus.

Real Madrid lost Hazard again due to injury

The Spanish football club Real Madrid announced today on Monday that its Belgian player Eden Hazard is suffering from a muscle injury again.

The club added in a brief statement that tests performed on Hazard revealed that he was suffering from “muscle injury to the right thigh”.

Real Madrid did not specify the expected date of Hazard’s return, but the Spanish media said that the player would be absent for another 20 days and would not have to return to the stadiums this year.

Gamble joined Real Madrid earlier this season for 115 million euros ($ 138 million) from Chelsea, England.

During his first season, however, he suffered injuries and ankle surgery and started in up to 14 matches.

And this season, Hazard has only participated in three matches, because in addition to infection with the emerging corona virus, he also suffered from infection.

Hazard replaced during the first half of Real Madrid’s match against Deportivo Alaves yesterday, Saturday, due to pain in his right thigh.

Gambling in Real Madrid is missing in a number of matches, including matches against Seville and Atletic Madrid in the league and next week against Borussia Monchengladbach in the European Champions League.

Hazard did not travel with the team to Ukraine to play a scheduled match against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League on Tuesday.

He confirmed that he had tried to treat him and that he had not killed him, as they said

Doctor Leopoldo Locke, the doctor of the late Argentine football legend, Diego Armando Maradona, revealed an interesting scene last Wednesday about the last days of a football star’s life and how he treated him before he died.

And in a statement in the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Dr. Luc admitted that he had failed to treat Diego Armand and confirmed that he tried his best, but the late legend did not respond to the treatment and did not care about his health, as he described it. .

“I did everything to the point that I could not save the patient (who could not be controlled),” Maradon’s doctor added.

The doctor continued his speech, saying that when he tried to treat Maradona and give him his medicine, the legend threatened to beat him, adding that he once jumped on him to hit him with all seriousness because the doctor insisted that he give him medicine.

The doctor added that he had written a document to bring an ambulance in front of Maradon’s house to monitor his health, but no one responded, saying he was innocent of killing a deceased football legend.

On Sunday, an Argentine court issued a decision to arrest a doctor who supervised the treatment of a deceased football legend, after Maradon’s lawyer accused medical staff of neglecting his treatment, which led to his death from a heart attack.

A football legend performed brain surgery by removing a blood clot before death.

In another context, the Spanish club Barcelona appears to be facing a fine after Argentine star Lionel Messi honored its football legend, the late Diego Armando Maradona.

And Messi scored a missile goal in Barca’s match against Osasuna, which took place on Sunday in the eleventh round of the Spanish league.

Messi took off his Barca T-shirt and showed his former Newell’s Old Boys T-shirt to honor Maradona and forced referee Matteo Lahues to give Messi a yellow card.

Barcelona threatens to pay 3,000 euros

The Catalan daily “Sport”, close to Barce, said that Messi, who honors Argentine legend, fines Barcelona 3,000 euros, mainly because FIFA law forbids taking off the main team’s T-shirt to show any other slogan.

Cavani apologizes for posting “racist abuse”

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani apologized for his social media post, including racist abuse.

After Cavani scored braces in the Premier League on Sunday that led Manchester United to a 3-2 victory over Southampton, one of his followers praised him on “Instagram” and Kavani replied, “Thank you, Negro.”

The international Uruguayan star Cavani said that what happened was just a semantic overlap, adding that he was completely against racism.

Cavani said in a statement posted on the Manchester United club website: “The message I posted after Sunday’s match was a gentle greeting to a friend thanking him for his congratulations after the match and I can’t offend anyone. I am completely against racism and the message has been removed. Once it was clear to me that it could be interpreted differently.

Also: “I would like to sincerely apologize for that.”

Cavani has already deleted the post, but that does not mean that Cavani will escape the ban for at least three matches according to the social media guidelines with the FA.

Manchester United said: “It is clear to us that there was no intentional intention behind Edinson’s letter and released it as soon as he was informed of the possibility of a misunderstanding. Manchester United and all its players are fully committed to fighting racism. ”

It should be noted that Luis Suarez used the same word in 2011, when he acted as a Liverpool striker when he spoke of Patrice Euro, then a Manchester United player, and Suárez was banned from eight games.

Al-Turki: 960 participants in the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival Awards

The official spokesman for the King Abdulaziz Festival in its fifth year, Dr. Khaled Al-Turki, revealed the participation of 960 contestants for the festival’s prizes, which will begin tomorrow, Tuesday and last until January 14.

Al-Turki said at a first press conference on Monday at the festival’s headquarters: “The festival begins with updates to the current version and is driven by the abandonment of a trademark or alliance between the main terms in all categories except the club cup and the electronic chip assigned ownership. camels legal status. ”

He added: “Entry into the (stallion and production) and (mafarid) color categories of drafts has been smooth and flexible over the last two days, with no cases or breaches being reported, except for exceptions from planning commissions due to age or color, which will be regularly announced through the Club Account. ”

He pointed out that this copy, in addition to local participants in all categories, has international participation from “Russia and France” and participation in the Persian Gulf and registration is still available in the remaining competitions until three days before the arbitration.

Al-Turki also touched on a new update in this version, a category (value) whose prices have jumped since the club’s announcement. Stresses that this falls within the stated objectives; Achieve economic benefits for all owners, including participants and others. ”

He said the singles results would be live and instant, in front of owners and fans through club social media platforms.

The spokesman emphasized the lack of tolerance in applying the “Weqaya” health measures to all festival participants and staff and the use of the “spacing” application when participating in the festival and not gathering with more than 50 people, in addition to the participants’ commitment to established regulations and laws to avoid any penalties. and emphasized that the Rights of Objections are guaranteed to all participants through official channels.

The Crescent Club is ..

Many football clubs wanted to congratulate Al-Ahly for the ninth time in history after being crowned African Champions League champion.

Al-Ahly snatched the brown princess from his traditional rivals Zamalek with a dramatic 2: 1 victory in a match held Friday night at the Cairo International Stadium.

The official account of the European Champions League champion Bayern Munich wrote on Twitter: “From Bayern, the European champion, to Al-Ahly, the African champion … Congratulations on your victory. See you at the Club World Cup in early February.”

While Aston Villa posted the congratulations on its official Twitter account, saying: “Special congratulations to the Egyptian club Al-Ahly … the Century Club in Africa after its ninth victory in the CAF Champions League.”

South African Sundowns said: “Congratulations to Al-Ahly on winning the CAF Champions League for the ninth time in history.”

He added: “Congratulations to Betsu Musimane for being crowned the title for the second time and for raising our flag high.”

Al-Hilal International Club congratulated Al-Ahly after his ninth victory in the CAF Champions League.

“Congratulations to Al-Ahly and its fans on reaching the African Champions League and adding a ninth star to its records,” Asian Century said in a tweet on its official Twitter account.

An account by the English Manchester City wrote: “Congratulations to Al-Ahly, who deserved to win the title of African Champions League.”

In the Premier League …

Algerian international star Riyad Mahrez brought a hat-trick on Saturday in the tenth stage of the English Premier League, which led Manchester City to a big victory over Burnley 5: 0.

Manchester City regained the taste of winning the league after a 1: 1 draw with Liverpool and the defeat of Tottenham 0/2 to increase its total to 15 points and jump to eighth place, while Burnley’s balance remained at five points in seventeenth place.

Manchester City advanced with two goals by Algerian star Riad Mahrez in the sixth and 22 minutes, then Benjamin Mendy added the team’s third goal in the 41st minute.

In the second half, Ferran Torres scored the fourth goal of Manchester City in the 66th minute, then the hat-trick was completed by Riyad Mahrez with the fifth goal of Manchester City in the 69th minute.

Manchester City started the match strongly and in the fifth minute almost advanced through Ferran Torres, who got a longitudinal from Ilkay Gundogan and hit from the border of the penalty area, but the ball crossed the crossbar.

In the sixth minute, Riyad Mahrez opened the score of Manchester City after a wonderful attack, when he got a center from Kevin De Bruyn and with his left foot he aimed without hesitation into the net and announced the leadership of Manchester City 1: 0.

Manchester City continued to control the course of the game and its offensive pressure, but Burnley significantly intensified his focus on the defensive side.

Riyad Mahrez continued his brilliance and added a second goal for him and Manchester City in the 22nd minute, where he deftly avoided a defense inside the penalty area and then aimed the ball into the net and announced the progress of Manchester City 2: 0.

De Bruyne nearly added Manchester City’s third goal after a deceptive high ball from behind the penalty area in the 25th minute, but the goalkeeper barely saved it.

In the 26th minute, Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus hit the head with Burnley’s head, but the referee did not count it as an offside goal.

After that, the intensity of the Manchester City attack decreased somewhat and Burnley tried to enter the atmosphere of the meeting more, but Manchester City maintained its preferences and control during the game.

In the 41st minute, Manchester City strengthened his lead with a third goal after an organized attack and De Bruyne passed a beautiful center, which reached Benjamin Mendy, who without hesitation shot the ball with his left foot into the net announcing the progress of Manchester City 3-0 and the remaining minutes of the first half passed without a new The city led three clean.

At the beginning of the second half, Pep Guardiola replaced the first substitution in the match, Fernand Hernandez was replaced by Fernandinho Luis Rosa.

De Bruyne almost added Manchester City’s fourth goal in the 52nd minute, when he got a cross and started and then fired from the border of the penalty area, but the ball passed around the bar.

Burnley almost scored in the 61st minute, but Ederson, the goalkeeper of Manchester City, perfectly saved the dangerous ball from Jay Rodriguez.

In the 66th minute, Manchester City strengthened his lead with a fourth goal, when Walker centered on Jesa, who placed the ball on Ferran Torres to aim it in the net and announced the leadership of Manchester City 4: 0.

Seconds later, Guardiola replaced his second substitution and replaced Phil Foden instead of Ferrand Torres.

After 69 minutes, Riyad Mahrez put themselves up 5 – 0 when the visiting defenders lost the ball to Phil Fodena, who came up from the left and proceeded to coolly round the keeper and knock the ball home.

Burnley shuddered again in the 75th minute when de Brienne passed the ball to Jes to hit the ball, which was blocked by the goalkeeper, and then accidentally returned to his own net with his knee, but the referee canceled the goal after returning to the referee assistant’s video system (Var) due to infiltration of Jesus.

Burnley made more than one serious offensive attempt in search of a goal to save his face, but Manchester City continued to overcome.

De Bruyne was lucky in the 90th minute to shoot a powerful ball, which almost added the sixth goal of Manchester City, but the post answered him and the confrontation ended with the victory of Manchester City 5/0.

“Outraged” Klopp congratulates the reporter on Milner’s injury

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp intensified his criticism of the English Premier League football stations responsible for setting the dates of his team’s matches, noting that James Milner’s injury was related to the early timing of the game in Brighton, which ended 1: 1 on Saturday.

Klopp has already expressed his feelings today about deciding to hold a match soon after another game in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The German coach answered a question from des Kelly, a BT Sport reporter after the match, about Milner’s injury and whether or not it was paralyzed in his muscles, saying: “Yes, congratulations.”

When Kelly asked if the German coach would personally accuse him, Klopp replied, “No. But you work for them. Paralyze the injuries. They have injuries, too. But you can ask Chris Wilder how we can avoid him.”

Wilder criticized Sheffield United Club coach and other major club coaches for demanding a return to five substitutions for each team in each league match.

“He’s a world coach and also a world politician, he cares about Liverpool. That’s all he cares about,” Wilder said.

Klopp said the early decision to play Liverpool put the player in danger.

“After the match on Wednesday, we will play today’s match at 12:30 GMT, which of course is a danger for the players,” he added.

Kelly argued with Liverpool officials over their agreement with other Premier League clubs on a broadcasting contract.

Klopp replied that the current exceptional situation with a compact schedule this season requires a different approach.