“Outraged” Klopp congratulates the reporter on Milner’s injury

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp intensified his criticism of the English Premier League football stations responsible for setting the dates of his team’s matches, noting that James Milner’s injury was related to the early timing of the game in Brighton, which ended 1: 1 on Saturday.

Klopp has already expressed his feelings today about deciding to hold a match soon after another game in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The German coach answered a question from des Kelly, a BT Sport reporter after the match, about Milner’s injury and whether or not it was paralyzed in his muscles, saying: “Yes, congratulations.”

When Kelly asked if the German coach would personally accuse him, Klopp replied, “No. But you work for them. Paralyze the injuries. They have injuries, too. But you can ask Chris Wilder how we can avoid him.”

Wilder criticized Sheffield United Club coach and other major club coaches for demanding a return to five substitutions for each team in each league match.

“He’s a world coach and also a world politician, he cares about Liverpool. That’s all he cares about,” Wilder said.

Klopp said the early decision to play Liverpool put the player in danger.

“After the match on Wednesday, we will play today’s match at 12:30 GMT, which of course is a danger for the players,” he added.

Kelly argued with Liverpool officials over their agreement with other Premier League clubs on a broadcasting contract.

Klopp replied that the current exceptional situation with a compact schedule this season requires a different approach.

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