Muhammad Ramadan’s sister hung her picture with an Israeli singer after a commotion

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Iman, the older sister of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, after his photo, which spread to him with Israeli singer Omir Adam, published his photo with a commentary amid ongoing interactions between social media activists.

On her Instagram page, Iman said, “Trust in God, what is your custom … and trust in his victory … in the blessing of your parents’ prayers … then your audience, which is in your back and knows your purpose well. .. Then about the good you learn everywhere … and also trust your sweet attitudes towards your country over the years since you began joining the army of our great homeland, to be a good example to your generation with your sincerity and your efforts for any national work, including songs and more, with love and enthusiasm … and also your success in every place that is our honor … true love for people is a blessing from God … so trust in his victory that God’s victory It will be soon … Your diligence, perseverance and discernment deserve all the respect … to your older sister, who is learning from you … with your love.

And in a recent post by an Egyptian artist, he posted a commentary on his social media pages, saying, “A wise man benefits from his enemies … and a foolish one benefits from his brothers, trusting in God is a success.”

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