In the Premier League …

Algerian international star Riyad Mahrez brought a hat-trick on Saturday in the tenth stage of the English Premier League, which led Manchester City to a big victory over Burnley 5: 0.

Manchester City regained the taste of winning the league after a 1: 1 draw with Liverpool and the defeat of Tottenham 0/2 to increase its total to 15 points and jump to eighth place, while Burnley’s balance remained at five points in seventeenth place.

Manchester City advanced with two goals by Algerian star Riad Mahrez in the sixth and 22 minutes, then Benjamin Mendy added the team’s third goal in the 41st minute.

In the second half, Ferran Torres scored the fourth goal of Manchester City in the 66th minute, then the hat-trick was completed by Riyad Mahrez with the fifth goal of Manchester City in the 69th minute.

Manchester City started the match strongly and in the fifth minute almost advanced through Ferran Torres, who got a longitudinal from Ilkay Gundogan and hit from the border of the penalty area, but the ball crossed the crossbar.

In the sixth minute, Riyad Mahrez opened the score of Manchester City after a wonderful attack, when he got a center from Kevin De Bruyn and with his left foot he aimed without hesitation into the net and announced the leadership of Manchester City 1: 0.

Manchester City continued to control the course of the game and its offensive pressure, but Burnley significantly intensified his focus on the defensive side.

Riyad Mahrez continued his brilliance and added a second goal for him and Manchester City in the 22nd minute, where he deftly avoided a defense inside the penalty area and then aimed the ball into the net and announced the progress of Manchester City 2: 0.

De Bruyne nearly added Manchester City’s third goal after a deceptive high ball from behind the penalty area in the 25th minute, but the goalkeeper barely saved it.

In the 26th minute, Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus hit the head with Burnley’s head, but the referee did not count it as an offside goal.

After that, the intensity of the Manchester City attack decreased somewhat and Burnley tried to enter the atmosphere of the meeting more, but Manchester City maintained its preferences and control during the game.

In the 41st minute, Manchester City strengthened his lead with a third goal after an organized attack and De Bruyne passed a beautiful center, which reached Benjamin Mendy, who without hesitation shot the ball with his left foot into the net announcing the progress of Manchester City 3-0 and the remaining minutes of the first half passed without a new The city led three clean.

At the beginning of the second half, Pep Guardiola replaced the first substitution in the match, Fernand Hernandez was replaced by Fernandinho Luis Rosa.

De Bruyne almost added Manchester City’s fourth goal in the 52nd minute, when he got a cross and started and then fired from the border of the penalty area, but the ball passed around the bar.

Burnley almost scored in the 61st minute, but Ederson, the goalkeeper of Manchester City, perfectly saved the dangerous ball from Jay Rodriguez.

In the 66th minute, Manchester City strengthened his lead with a fourth goal, when Walker centered on Jesa, who placed the ball on Ferran Torres to aim it in the net and announced the leadership of Manchester City 4: 0.

Seconds later, Guardiola replaced his second substitution and replaced Phil Foden instead of Ferrand Torres.

After 69 minutes, Riyad Mahrez put themselves up 5 – 0 when the visiting defenders lost the ball to Phil Fodena, who came up from the left and proceeded to coolly round the keeper and knock the ball home.

Burnley shuddered again in the 75th minute when de Brienne passed the ball to Jes to hit the ball, which was blocked by the goalkeeper, and then accidentally returned to his own net with his knee, but the referee canceled the goal after returning to the referee assistant’s video system (Var) due to infiltration of Jesus.

Burnley made more than one serious offensive attempt in search of a goal to save his face, but Manchester City continued to overcome.

De Bruyne was lucky in the 90th minute to shoot a powerful ball, which almost added the sixth goal of Manchester City, but the post answered him and the confrontation ended with the victory of Manchester City 5/0.

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