He confirmed that he had tried to treat him and that he had not killed him, as they said

Doctor Leopoldo Locke, the doctor of the late Argentine football legend, Diego Armando Maradona, revealed an interesting scene last Wednesday about the last days of a football star’s life and how he treated him before he died.

And in a statement in the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Dr. Luc admitted that he had failed to treat Diego Armand and confirmed that he tried his best, but the late legend did not respond to the treatment and did not care about his health, as he described it. .

“I did everything to the point that I could not save the patient (who could not be controlled),” Maradon’s doctor added.

The doctor continued his speech, saying that when he tried to treat Maradona and give him his medicine, the legend threatened to beat him, adding that he once jumped on him to hit him with all seriousness because the doctor insisted that he give him medicine.

The doctor added that he had written a document to bring an ambulance in front of Maradon’s house to monitor his health, but no one responded, saying he was innocent of killing a deceased football legend.

On Sunday, an Argentine court issued a decision to arrest a doctor who supervised the treatment of a deceased football legend, after Maradon’s lawyer accused medical staff of neglecting his treatment, which led to his death from a heart attack.

A football legend performed brain surgery by removing a blood clot before death.

In another context, the Spanish club Barcelona appears to be facing a fine after Argentine star Lionel Messi honored its football legend, the late Diego Armando Maradona.

And Messi scored a missile goal in Barca’s match against Osasuna, which took place on Sunday in the eleventh round of the Spanish league.

Messi took off his Barca T-shirt and showed his former Newell’s Old Boys T-shirt to honor Maradona and forced referee Matteo Lahues to give Messi a yellow card.

Barcelona threatens to pay 3,000 euros

The Catalan daily “Sport”, close to Barce, said that Messi, who honors Argentine legend, fines Barcelona 3,000 euros, mainly because FIFA law forbids taking off the main team’s T-shirt to show any other slogan.

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