Elham Shaheen reveals the number of her marriages … and explodes with surprise over the reasons why her couple divorced her – video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Artist Ilham Shaheen revealed the number of her marriages during her appearance in the Lamees Al-Hadidi media in the “Last Word” program.

Elham confirmed that she had been married twice and emphasized that she had failed very clearly and visibly in the marriage.

She added: “Divorce has always been carried out because I preferred art to my husband. When my husband chooses between him and art, I choose art and there is a breakup. ”

She added: “Sometimes a man’s jealousy was not against me, but from me, but I apologize to him because technical work is difficult and it is not easy for every man to bear.

And she continued, “I don’t think I should remarry because I can’t be a man’s responsibility when I’m this age.”

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