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Hackers demand $50 million ransom from Apple, leak design of unreleased MacBook

A Russian hacking group is claiming to have obtained schematics of several Apple products that are yet to be launched. The hackers are now demanding $50 million in ransom, otherwise, they’ll leak all the designs that they have with them. 
It is reported that the group got access to confidential data by conducting cyber-attacks on Quanta, one of Apple’s manufacturers that makes MacBooks and other products. The Taiwan-based third-party manufacturer has confirmed the data leak, according to a report by Bloomberg. 
At first, the group named REvil tried to extort Quanta for the stolen confidential information. But the manufacturer refused to pay. After which, the hacking group went after Quanta’s largest client, Apple, leaking confidential images of Apple products that are yet to hit markets. 
For proof, REvil leaked data on the dark web hours before Apple’s Spring Loaded event that was hosted virtually earlier this week. The hacking group published 21 screenshots depicting schematics of the recently launched slimmer iMac before its launch. 
Besides the images of iMac, the group also posted photos of the M1 MacBook Air that was launched in 2020, and manufacturing diagrams of an unreleased laptop. Notably, all the diagrams had a warning that read: “This is the property of Apple and it must be returned.” 
REvil has threatened that the group will leak new data every day until it gets paid $50 million ransom by May 1. The hackers are asking either Apple or Quanta to pay the ransom on time. 
Quanta Computer is one of the leading third party manufacturers of consumer electronic devices. The company’s clientele includes brands like HP, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba, LG, Lenovo, among others. REvil claims that the company is having possession of data from other companies as well. “Our team is negotiating the sale of large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several major brands,” the hacking group’s post on the darknet read. 

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