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You can hear all my tools go flying in my GIANT white van. She never looked up.


You can hear all my tools go flying in my GIANT white van. She never looked up.

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  1. oh god i can relate. my dad owns a construction company and i used to work for him. workers never understood why you should put the tools in their proper safe place until one of our workers got hit on the shoulder with a wrench when we had to break really hard because of some dumbass. workers shoulder was broken

  2. Hey. OP. Way to fucking go. Seriously, amazing defensive driving. You had to clean up all the shit that went flying, you’ll never get your proper accolades, and the moron went free, so I just wanted to let you know.

    I’m proud of you for this. Way to go.

  3. People need to take drivers test more than once, they get too comfortable.

    I am both surprised and glad the majority here is against hurting/killing someone over this. Every time something like this is posted on another popular sub, half of the top comments are calling for murder and anyone saying “that’s overkill” is drowned to the bottom in downvotes.

  4. I fucking hate this, I wish my van had a cattle guard just for all the stupid fucks who think it’s okay to pull out in front of me and make me slam on my brakes.

  5. Honestly she may have looked a few seconds earlier – but it looks like the sun was right behind you – which could have made it difficult for her to see anything since she would have been looking right into the setting sun.

    Still all the more reason for her to be extra cautious when pulling out.

  6. There are some “innocent” mistakes that leave you wondering how this person could even manage to put a bowl of soup on the table in front of themselves.

  7. How many times am I going to see stupid shit from Missouri on reddit today??? Lol

    Anyway, props to you for paying attention, if not you would have creamed that driver

  8. There should be a special division in state and federal law enforcement to find and fine people who drive like this. I’d be fine with that being the entirety of law enforcement, actually.

  9. These are the scary idiots that I worry about. Its like they dont have a brain.

    So, did they do this on purpose, or are they just dumb? Seriously. And then, it sets in, what did I do to deserve this near death experience.

    Notice the street lights, she ran a red light. Must be in a hurry for an appointment. Or Entitled. And honestly, I just think most people think they are entitled. Earth sucks.

  10. Should have chased the fucker down and made them re-organize your work van. That’s some bullshit! I’m glad you were paying attention, something tells me that if you had plowed into her driver door at 50mph in a loaded work van, she would be alot less stupid on account of being alot more dead.

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