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Some People Need to Learn to Stay in Their Lanes When Turning


Some People Need to Learn to Stay in Their Lanes When Turning

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  1. MOST people need to learn to stay in their lane when turning. FIFY. I see more do it wrong than right. Just like driving in the left lane on the highway… that’s not how that works…

  2. There is two left hand turn lanes to go into a shopping center I frequent to go to the gym. Today a guy in a Camaro is in the left of the 2 lanes but oh wait…he is going to Best Buy which is on the right…guess I’ll just stop in the middle of the road with my turn signal on and back up traffic in the intersection and then merge in front of two lanes because there is no other option…like going around.

  3. What bothers me most is the intersection itself. Having 3 lanes where the middle lane is allowed to do left, right, and straight is just ludicrous, especially when it’s the only lane that goes straight. I can at least understand where this mazda is coming from, because I’d get over into the right lane to make a turn so that traffic heading straight through the intersection can proceed without waiting for me to turn, like any cars that would have been behind OP would have to do.

    Granted, the mazda should have been paying more attention instead of assuming the left lane was open (which makes him an idiot), but it’s still not a completely unreasonable train of thought to start from.

  4. Some Prius did this to me just last night. Luckily I took the turn slightly slower so I was able to avoid an accident with the brakes but it’s obnoxious.

  5. Unfortunately this seems to be the “normal”. I really don’t understand why these idiots don’t understand, I see it literally every single day on the road.

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