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Internal power struggle divides Antwerp: position of Luciano D’Ono …


Luciano D'Onofrio.

Luciano D’Onofrio. © Kris Van Exel

The qualification for Play-off 1, too defensive football and the position of coach Frank Vercauteren. These seem to be the biggest concerns for Antwerp today. Within the club, a much hotter topic is causing high tension: the future of sports director Luciano D’Onofrio. Because if it depends on a large part of the club and the fans, it does not seem to be on the Bosuil anymore, even if his contract would already have been ‘automatically extended’. “D’Onofrio has done a lot of good for the club, but today he and his entourage are holding back progress,” he said. The question is whether owner Paul Gheysens also wants to and can say goodbye to the man who helped him to pull Antwerp out of the mud for years. But that made him explode several times last season – also and especially through his ‘lieutenants’.

Peter Goris

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