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Ebanie Bridges weigh-in attire sparks fiery debate


Ebanie Bridges (pictured) smiling during a bout.

Ebanie Bridges (pictured) during her bout with Mahiecka Pareno at the Star of the Ring III Charity Fight Night. (Getty Images)

Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges continued her routine of wearing lingerie at the weigh-in ahead of her bout, which has already lit a fuse in her rival.

Bridges, also known as the ‘Blonde Bomber’, will face British boxer Shannon Courtenay for the WBA world female bantamweight title.

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But Courtenay has previously taken aim at Bridges and accused her Aussie opponent of “degrading” the sport ahead of their world title fight.

Bridges has amassed a huge social media following and regularly posts racy photos for her fans.

She has also been known to wear lingerie during weigh-ins.

And true to her form, Bridges rocked up to their weigh-in wearing lingerie.

Bridges posted the photos to her twitter account.

Bridges also appeared to gain plenty of support from her fellow boxers and social media.

WBO world champion Mikaela Mayer backed the Blonde Bombers move. 

“If I had t**s like @EbanieBridges I’d be steppin on that scale in some bomb ass lingerie too,” she said.

Flyweight boxer Sulem Urbina also agreed and said it was good promotion.

Following the weigh-in, Bridges offered Courtenay her father’s undies.

The Aussie said the gesture was ‘cute’ and the undies were the same brand as her rival’s sponsor ‘Champion’.

Courteney obviously turned down the offer.

Bridges’ rival fumes

The Blonde Bomber’s opponent took a dig at Bridges ahead of their weigh-in on Wednesday and clearly didn’t agree with her antics.

“I’m a fighter, not a lingerie model,” Courtenay said on Wednesday.

“This is a world title fight. Have some respect for the game.

“You’ve got people like Katie Taylor who has worked her arse off for years to allow women like me to be in this position – through hard work and dedication she’s managed to get women’s boxing where it is – and you want to disrespect it and degrade the sport by talking about your weigh-in outfit and lingerie?

“Have some respect and some decorum for boxing.”

Bridges was forthcoming in her pre-fight comments with Sky Sports about her attire.

“Let’s be real. If I wore what everyone else wore, people wouldn’t be interested. I’d just be another fight. Whatever,” Bridges said.

“I’m trying to bring more eyes to the sport. You can criticise me as much as you like. But if I looked plain then you wouldn’t even know this fight was happening.

“People will tune in to see if this girl wearing lingerie can actually fight, or is she just a model? The thing is; me and Shannon can really fight.”

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