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Dash Cam: Fatal Milwaukee Police Pursuit on April 20, 2019


Dash Cam: Fatal Milwaukee Police Pursuit on April 20, 2019

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  1. I grew up there and they keep changing the rules regarding pursuit. Drug dealers and criminals use these changes as an advantage. For example they have teens deal drugs from stolen cars and when police show up they go speeding through neighborhoods and ditch the car when police have to abandon pursuit.

    It’s a great city but it’s such a mess currently. I think it’s been the deadliest city (homicide) in the USA for numerous years.

  2. This cop should be arrested, I thought they were supposed to protect. All thse lives he put in danger. This video should not have ended like this. Its a shame!

  3. The one thing that should pop out in your mind when you watch the end of this is….There’s a shit ton of police, but not 1 fire extinguisher in their hands. Someone calls for new people that show up to bring one, but with like 30 people there….Some of them should have grabbed it. Probably just a spiteful fire death.

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