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Brazil’s new gigantic Christ statue even taller than Rio’s


Rio de Janeiro’s iconic and towering “Christ the Redeemer” has met its vertical match: an even taller Jesus statue that’s nearing complete a half-hour west in southern Brazil.

Measuring 140 feet tall, the new Jesus statue that’s now rising over the city of Encantado — called “Christ the Protector” — is 15 feet taller than its coastal counterpart.

The new statue has been under construction since 2019, but its head and outstretched arms were added this week, according to It’s on schedule to be completed late this year.

With an arm span of 118 feet, the new “Protector” also enjoys a significant reach advantage. “Redeemer’s” arm span is just 92 feet.

The $320,000 pricetag is being raised through donations.

“It is a day for celebration, for devotion,” local politician Gilson Conzatti told the French press agency AFP after the new statue’s arms and head were attached.

The older statue, which was completed in 1931, closed to tourists last March due to social distancing concerns.

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