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Bodybuilder Jack Reynolds faces backlash after boasting about his ‘lean’ 8 month old son


A US bodybuilder has come under fire on social media for boasting about his eight-month-old baby son being “lean” as a result of his strict diet.

Jack Reynolds posted on Twitter about his “unusually handsome son” and revealed what he eats, listing eggs, fruit and vegetables.

“We grind up his vegetables/proteins most the time, until he can chomp away on his own,” he wrote on Twitter under his handle @RedepmtiveKing.

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He went on to share his son’s stats and said while he was in the 99 per cent for his height and head size, he measured in the 70 percentile for weight.

“He’s lean bc he isn’t eating processed sh*t,” added the dad.

The tweet included a photo of himself with his partner and son, but with their faces blurred.

While some applauded the dad for providing the best for his son, others described his post as “gross”.

“Ah yes… ‘lean baby’ is a normal thing to brag about,” one tweeted.

“That kid is going to have disordered eating by the time they’re 10,” said one user.

“I’ve never heard anyone describe their baby as lean before, good luck to this baby,” noted another.

“This is an excellent way to make absolutely sure your child grows up extremely body insecure. Good job getting an early start messing up his sense of self worth,” wrote one woman.

Others mocked the dad. “I feed my 8 month old red bull and taco bell. he’s 4 feet tall and would easily defeat your child in hand to hand combat,” joked one man.

“I stopped feeding my kids anything at 3 months. If you’re old enough to crawl you’re old enough to scavenge,” someone wrote. “How are they gonna learn to be self sufficient if you coddle them like this?”

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But Mr Reynolds called out the “viral cesspool” of social media after the influx of negative tweets.

“My baby tweet from yesterday is getting all these retweets today … Whenever I wake up to this, I’m reminded of the viral cesspool that is social media & its algorithms,” he wrote.

“So much ugly nrg (energy) and projected delusions floating around the internet.”

He also revealed that his mum fed him a lot of processed foods when he was a baby, resulting in him becoming “addicted to eating” and “chunky.”

“My mom definitely had a lot going on at the time, but I know she regrets not doing whole foods,” he replied to one user. “I am certain it made me start to feel, as a kid, a sort of deep sadness that drove me to end up getting addicted to eating. Once chunky, the negative thoughts took over. Eat healthy!”

He followed up his lean tweet with one about wanting to instill a “gentle passion for aesthetics” and not McDonald’s in his son.

The fit dad then went on to retweet a number of responses from fans, defending his views.

“Seeing people trying to hate on /bring down @RedemptiveKing is honestly disheartening. JRey is one of the best human beings I have met and can honestly say the purest individual I know,” said one. “And people *STILL* found a way to hate on him and his beautiful family. Soulless. Head up King.”

The bodybuilder has over 10,000 followers on Twitter.

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