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Anne Van Aperen could get a seat in Sihame: “I can … (Brasschaat)


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Brasschaat, Brussels

Should Sihame El Kaouakibi, who is involved in the Let’s Go Urban scandal, leave the Flemish parliament, the place would go to the first successor: Brasschaat’s councilor Anne Van Aperen. The latter is scanty with comments, but seems to be looking forward to a Flemish parliamentary adventure.

El Kaouakibi, who used subsidy money for investments in, among other things, her wardrobe in the bedroom of her private home, kept the credit to herself this week. A committee within Open Vld would decide on Thursday about her future in the party, but she took a step aside herself before that.

Her lawyers have indicated that she will not give up her seat in the Flemish Parliament, even though liberal chief Egbert Lachaert had asked. She would therefore take up office as an independent politician. In this way she will also keep her salary, about 6,000 euros net.

El Kaouakibi has been calling in sick for a while. Her chair is therefore actually empty, which is the first successor on the Flemish Open Vld list – Anne Van Aperen from Brasschaat – can be extra special.

“I am indeed the first successor and I see what is going on. But the seat belongs to the elected person and not the party, ”she said briefly. “I was also the first successor in the previous elections. I can only follow up if there is a place available. I cannot and do not want to say anything more about it. ”

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