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The influence of color on heat absorption


The influence of color on heat absorption

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  1. Does the heat make the balloon expand, or does a hole get created?

    For an example, if i did this to a balloon and stopped in time would my ballon have grown or weakened in a specific area

  2. How do they know that it’s colour and not just the presence of the pigment chemicals weakening the rubber? I’m assuming they all start out white and then have pigments added to them? ( Actually curious, not a science denier)

  3. As a white, freckled person, I can confirm this. The sun does not transfer heat onto my skin as easily as others. Now the UV light on the other hand… yeesh.

  4. It has to do with the absorption and reflection of light. Black absorbs all wavelengths ranging from 400 to 800nm in the visible spectrum whereas white reflects them back at you. When a color is absorbed it is converted into heat. With a converging lens you essentially direct all the light to a single focal point. Instead of heating an object homogeneously through the sun alone, you focus a very small dot like area and concentrate all the light you get on that point. If your object is black,navy blue or any color that absorbs more than is reflects, coupled with a magnifying glass, heat is going to rupture the surface of your balloon theoretically at the focal point where the light is “concentrated”. If you take a very light color it will reflect more light than it can absorb. Therefore not much heat is going to be distributed at the focal point. And this will prevent your ballon from rupturing.

    For the last one. The balloon is transluscent which lets light traverse it, minimizing the reflection/absorbing phenomenons.The navy blue one does not and pops from heat absorption

    Tl;Dr : Black absorbs light, white reflects it. Absorption is converted into heat proportionally to the absorption capabilities of an object. This phenomenon is amplified with a magnifying glass.

  5. So I get that black absorbs more heat. But would the rate of heat transfer out of the system be the same for all colors? Or would black retain more heat energy as well?

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