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State pension: You may get up to £358 per month for arthritis or other health conditions | Personal Finance | Finance


State Pension payments are issued to people of an eligible age who have often built up significant National Insurance contributions throughout their lifetime. The sum often proves a lifeline for those who have retired, offering a steady stream of income to older people. While state pension payments as received once every four weeks can significantly aid older people, there may be other help at hand.

The organisation Health Talk has also highlighted arthritis may create a strain on social relationships, which is another hurdle many will have to deal with.

Bearing this in mind, Attendance Allowance could provide the level of support a person needs to overcome these challenges somewhat.

The payment is tax-free and non-means tested so it can provide support to a wide range of individuals.

It is based on the support a person needs, rather than the assistance they actually get.

Individuals must be resident in Great Britain when they claim, and have been so for at least two of the last three years.

Finally, the DWP states a person must be ‘habitually resident’ in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands to receive support through Attendance Allowance.

Attendance Allowance has recently been uprated due to the new tax year, meaning there are new rates for people of state pension age to bear in mind.

Those on the lower rate of Attendance Allowance can expect a weekly payment of £60.00 to assist with their needs.

Individuals, however, in receipt of the higher rate payment will now be entitled to a weekly sum of £89.60.

This means for those who are on the higher rate payment, a sum of roughly £358 can be expected on a monthly basis. 

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