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Soulstorm’s messy start nearly made me give up – I’m glad I didn’t


“Not again,” I mutter as yet another of my Mudoken followers meets its untimely death at the jaws of a ravenous Fleech. While I could simply choose to forget about this particular overall-wearing, smartmouthed lackey – after all, all the Mudoken followers look the same – I still choose to restart from the checkpoint and make an effort to save him from his unfortunate demise. After all, ‘Raymond’ as I call him, maybe has a Mudoken partner at home, waiting for him to come home after a long day of following around his savior Abe. Yes, it’s worth restarting. 

I never expected to care for Raymond. In fact, as I started Oddworld: Soulstorm, I played through gritted teeth and tirades of swear words. Rather than choosing to restart at each checkpoint, I grimaced each time I was forced back to another – more time I had to spend trying to get through this clumsy game with its awkward platforming and fiddly controls. 

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