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Scotty McCreery And His Wife Gabi Reveal Their Top 5 Quarantine Dates


Scotty McCreery and his wife Gabi made the most of their quarantine over the last year or so!

The country superstar and his wife recently sat down to share their 5 favorite quarantine dates that include taking their dog Moose for a walk, spending some time in the kitchen together, movie nights and watching their favorite tv series, wine nights and trips to spend some time in the great outdoors.

McCreery says for dates during quarantine, you sure “have to appreciate the simple things” in life. See their 5 favorite quarantine dates below.

On Friday, April 9, Gabi celebrated her 27th birthday with her “fave boys” McCreery and their dog Moose with “the best picnic date.”

1. Talking Walks With Their Dog Moose

A walk around the neighborhood with moose, take him to the dog park. That’s moose’s favorite date. His new name is Mr. Moose by the way. He pulls straight to the dog park too. He knows exactly where it is.

2. Cooking Together

“We like to cook, so steak nights,” McCreery said.

“Quarantine has taught us how to cook,” Gabi added. “So that’s good.”

“We’ve done a lot of different things. Steak… Salmon is our new big thing with a little lemon pepper.”

“Or brown sugar,” Gabi said before McCreery added, “Yeah, brown sugar glaze, absolutely. Shoutout Publix.”

3. Movie Night or Watching TV Shows

“Movie nights, Bachelor Nights,” McCreery said before Gabi chimed in, “Bachelor nights, whenever it’s on.”

“We goto the cave, we call it. We have the big TV and where we’ll let you watch The Bachelor,” McCreery explained. “Then the smaller TVs are normally just a sports thing but now I just watch hockey or something.”

“Best of both worlds,” Gabi joked before McCreery agreed with her saying, “Exactly.”

4. Wine Night

“Wine Night,” Gabi said.

“Yeah, wine night, we’ll get the cheese the olives…” McCreery explained. “Joey and Brynn sent us Jalapeño and garlic stuffed olives, wow, those are great!”

5. Trip To The Beach Or The Mountains

“Probably, No. 5 just a little beach or mountain trip right?” McCreery said, which Gabi agreed with saying “Yeah, we’ll try to do a getaway to one of those spots.”

“Yeah, do some hiking and get outdoors,” McCreery added.

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