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Samsung Officially Launches Its New SmartTag+ Trackers


Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy SmartTag+ after first announcing it alongside the Galaxy S21 series in mid-January. The Galaxy SmartTag+ will be available globally starting April 16.

Galaxy SmartTag+ Features Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy

The Galaxy SmartTag+ is a Tile-like tracking tag that can help you find any missing item attached to it. The tracking tag features Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing you to find tagged items using augmented reality (AR).

On Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with Ultra-Wideband, the AR Finder feature will show you directions in AR using your phone’s camera so that you can easily find your lost items.

When you are near a lost object, you can also have the smart tag play a loud sound so that you can easily find it, even if the tagged item has slipped in hard-to-reach areas like sofa corners, under the bed, etc.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ AR Finder
Image Credit: Samsung

The tracker is also capable of communicating with Samsung devices without Ultra-Wideband using Bluetooth Low Energy. It can share its location with devices on the Galaxy device network and relay its information to Samsung’s servers allowing you to track items lost far away on a map.

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The data is shared using a randomized ID that is refreshed every 15 minutes. Additionally, all data in SmartThings Find is encrypted, and the tag’s location is only revealed to the account it is linked to.

If you own a Galaxy device, you can join the Galaxy device network using the SmartThings app. This will allow nearby Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ to communicate with the SmartThings servers. You must also use the SmartThings app to find items tagged using the Galaxy SmartTag+.

Use the Tag Button to Trigger Different Tasks

The Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ also feature a physical button, which you can map as per your liking. Using the SmartThings app, you can use the tag button to ring your phone, trigger a Bixby task, open an app, and more.

Galaxy SmartTag+ vs. Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung has two versions of its tracking tags: the Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+. The SmartTag is already on sale and misses out on Ultra-Wideband support. It only features Bluetooth Low Energy which it uses to communicate with devices on the Galaxy device network.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Availability and Pricing

Samsung has announced on the Samsung Newsroom that the Galaxy SmartTag+ will be “progressively available” from April 16, with the tags making their way to the US in the “coming weeks.”

A single Galaxy SmartTag+ will be available for $39.99, with a pack of 2 tags available for $64.99.

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