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Reader letter: Fed up with lockdowns and business restrictions


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My family and I have had enough of any lockdowns that we believe are truly doing more harm than good.

I sympathize with the political leadership trying to do the right thing, but they have not taken all risks into consideration.

They only seem to see the pandemic sickness and related issues. I feel everything and everyone else’s health issues have been tossed to the side.

People are sick and dying without the virus being the culprit, but to me the government doesn’t seem to be concerned — unless it is COVID-19 related.

The unfairness of who gets to open their place of business during lockdowns seems bizarre to me.

Small stores I feel have been destroyed by not even being allowed a small amount of people. But Costco and Wal-Mart of course will have record profits again this year.

They seem to be able to have ridiculous amounts of shoppers in their stores, but the little guy isn’t even allowed to have one shopper. I don’t necessarily agree with the store closures or lockdowns, but at least be fair.

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The amount of people allowed should perhaps go by the square footage of the establishment, then all business could be open with safety protocols in place.

When is the government going to wake up. Many businesses are already history. Stop this nonsense before many more close for good.

Lynn Shaw, Amherstburg

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