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Police find weapons and drugs among Dutch people during traffic … (Antwerp)


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The Antwerp police have found several weapons, drugs and a large amount of cash in a car during a traffic check. The three occupants from the Netherlands have been deprived of their freedom.

The traffic police wanted to pull a car aside in Antwerp on Thursday. The driver had cut someone off. However, the driver of the car pressed the accelerator and tried to escape control.

The motorcyclists nevertheless managed to park the car safely in the Baron Joostensstraat, to check the occupants. The three occupants from the Netherlands were immediately noticed by their nervous behavior.

When searching the car, the police found a bag with a firearm in it. The occupants are immediately deprived of their freedom.

Police continued to search the car and found two other firearms, a large sum of cash (3,000 euros) and drugs. Newly purchased luxury clothing was also found. The weapons were secured. The three suspects were arrested.

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