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Pirlo reveals secrets about Diabala’s future with Juventus and praises Chiesa before confronting Jan


Andrea Pirlo hopes that Juventus will show the same spirit he showed against Naples when he defeated Genoa in the Italian league in his match tomorrow.

Juventus will meet Genoa tomorrow and in his previous match he defeated Naples by two goals for one goal in the Serie A battles.

“It may be much easier to find the right spirit in a big game like Napoli,” Pirlo told a news conference, “but we need the same situation against smaller clubs from tomorrow.”

He added: “We have to find a certain consistency, which means that we will play tomorrow’s match. Victory over Naples does not make sense if we do not follow it with the same performance against Genoa.”

Some of Pill’s elections against Naples raised eyebrows, including relying on veteran Gigi Buffon as a goalkeeper.

Pirlo said: “I can confirm that Chesney will start tomorrow, and I don’t think Paulo Dybala will start because he’s been out for three months, so he needs another period a little longer as a replacement.”

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When asked if Dybala would have a place in the future Juventus team, and the option to renew the contract with the remaining year, Pirlo remained ambiguous.

He commented: “I’ve always said that Dybala is an important player, and unfortunately I haven’t given much to him this season. Let’s look at the present, because it is more important than the future. “

He continued: “He still has a year in his contract, so we will be hosting him next season. Dybala is a player who will change that. I hope at some point I can use Cristiano Ronald, Alvaro Morata and Dybal together. . “

Federico Chiesa could be the best player in the Juventus squad so far this season and certainly in recent weeks.

He finished: “Kiza is excellent in individual situations, but she can still improve her postures and control her rhythm. She is hungry and eager to learn, which is great.”

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