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Oops….missed my turn!


Oops….missed my turn!

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  1. We were debating if the police were chasing this car to begin with, or if the police just saw this person do this and then chased them. I think its the latter, since the police lights were not on when they passed me.

  2. At first I was like “Another cammer who left a minute of dead video at the end”. Then I ate my shoe and finished the mini movie. Great clip

  3. Oh hey, Aurora, I grew up in this area. Was one of the better times in my young life so seeing it always gives me good vibes. Although I understand some have opposite feelings about the place which I totally understand lol.

    The one wreck I saw in Colorado in my time was at this intersection! Guy ran the light and got t-boned hard a few feet from where you are!

  4. I live in Italy and people do this ALL the time and it’s infuriating… Guess I’m an idiot for waiting at the red light when I can just skip the line and turn

  5. Aurora & Denver cops are basically useless the last 20 years or so. Pretty much since I’ve been driving I could see something similar about once a week.

  6. I’m really surprised how many people commenting on this video thought what this person did was OK. WOW. What is someone would have been in the crosswalk? What if someone was coming the other way?

  7. That’s the Adam Carolla move. Don’t sit in line with the sheep when no one is coming the other way. Gotta have your head on a swivel for the cops though.

    I’ve ran pointless left red turn arrows before, never pulled that move from the thru lane going around people though.

  8. So cop goes a 90+ plus to catch him? To give him a headache. But if the lights are out and flash red or yellow it’s fine to use your brain and see that n
    oone is coming? He double checked his breaks making that move.

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