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Nothing huge but excited to finally catch one on my dash-cam!


Nothing huge but excited to finally catch one on my dash-cam!

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  1. If I ever catch a crash on my dash cam, I sure as hell am stopping and getting info I need to send footage to victim. I have had accidents where it’s not my fault and all that saved me was my dash cam, witnesses rarely stop and I have felt the pain.

  2. Sorry but you’re an asshole. Posting the accident on Reddit was more important than stopping and taking the victim’s contact info to send the proof? Heck, you went through the hassle of exacting and cropping the clip, so why not both??

  3. You witness it and then you drive off like an asshole. You more excited about posting this on Reddit then you were concerned about the actual accident itself and if anyone may have been injured.

    That’s jerk of the year material right there!

  4. Just saying. An insurance company once paid me for my testimony as a witness on behalf of their client. Didn’t realize I was being paid until weeks later when a check arrived in the mail.

  5. OP should have stopped to exchange info so the video could be used as evidence, but he chose to farm internet points instead cause he “caught one” while listening to dog shit ass music. I know who the idiot in this video is

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