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New riots in Northern Ireland despite calls for calm n …


Despite the death of Prince Philip and the accompanying calls to refrain from violence, riots broke out again on Friday evening in the Northern Irish capital Belfast. Among other things, Molotov cocktails were thrown at the police.

Belfast has been restless for a week. Especially in the Protestant neighborhoods there has been riots. The pro-British unionists are very dissatisfied with the consequences of the Brexit agreements.

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However, following the death of Prince Philip, it was decided to cancel planned rallies and protest marches in the unionist districts for the time being. “The events have been postponed out of respect for the queen and the royal family,” posters say. The opposition against the consequences of Brexit and against “all injustices” will be resumed “after a period of mourning”, the text continues.

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Molotov cocktails

Nevertheless, according to the British media, rioters again appeared on the street on Friday evening. In north Belfast, Molotov cocktails were thrown at the police. Some rioters also threw bottles and stones at the officers. A car and garbage cans were set on fire, the PA news agency reports. Police officers were again injured, according to the public broadcaster BBC.

Tensions in Northern Ireland have been mounting for some time as the country grapples with border controls between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom that came after Brexit. In order to avoid the creation of an EU external border with border posts and controls between the Republic of Ireland and the British North, it has been given special status for the time being. This does require controls on trade between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The unionists feel betrayed by this.

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