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‘Irreplaceable’ Prince Philip’s death will ‘leave a tremendous void’


'Irreplaceable' Prince Philip's death will 'leave a tremendous void'

Prince Philip’s passing hits hard not because it is surprising but because most people have never lived with another Queen or consort and thought “he would always be there because he always has been” says Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter.

“On the one hand at 99 years of age, no it’s not really a shock that Prince Philip has passed away particularly having recently spent a month in hospital, the longest he’s ever spent in hospital,” she told Sky News chief anchor Kieran Gilbert.

“At the same time, I think most people alive today don’t remember any other monarch, by extension they don’t remember any other consort.”

Ms Arbiter said the death of Prince Phillip will “leave a tremendous void” as he is “irreplaceable” to the Royal Family and the public’s image of it.

“I think we are all a little bit guilty of thinking he would always be there simply because he always has been there walking a dutiful two steps behind the Queen.”

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