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Idiot with a capital I


Idiot with a capital I

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  1. In a case like this, I’d probably first assume some other problem other than the driver being an idiot. Health or vehicle problems sound at least plausible.

  2. My dad actually did something similar years ago in his little Datsun pickup. His was caused by black ice, tho. He literally slid into the side of a passing train. Needless to say the train won. I was living hundreds of miles from home and got a phone call that mentioned daddy getting hit by a train. WHAT?????? Cue panicked daughter sounds. 🤦‍♀️

  3. My guess is they were having a medical emergency. Reminds me of the tone I guy rolled into the telephone pole in front of my house. He’d had a stroke, was likely dead before the car hit the pole.

  4. Kind of looks like the guy is trying to stop but his brakes aren’t working. Idk if its the video or not but it looks like the van slows down quite a bit right before it hits the train. Reminds me of my dad’s old farm truck from way back where you had to pump the brakes before actually braking in order to get the truck to stop.

  5. One of my favorite copypastas:

    Trains are really unpredictable. Even in the middle of a forest two rails can appear out of nowhere, and a 1.5-mile fully loaded coal drag, heading east out of the low-sulfur mines of the PRB, will be right on your ass the next moment.

    I was doing laundry in my basement, and I tripped over a metal bar that wasn’t there the moment before. I looked down: “Rail? WTF?” and then I saw concrete sleepers underneath and heard the rumbling.

    Deafening railroad horn. I dumped my wife’s pants, unfolded, and dove behind the water heater. It was a double-stacked Z train, headed east towards the fast single track of the BNSF Emporia Sub (Flint Hills). Majestic as hell: 75 mph, 6 units, distributed power: 4 ES44DC’s pulling, and 2 Dash-9’s pushing, all in run 8. Whole house smelled like diesel for a couple of hours!

    Fact is, there is no way to discern which path a train will take, so you really have to be watchful. If only there were some way of knowing the routes trains travel; maybe some sort of marks on the ground, like twin iron bars running along the paths trains take. You could look for trains when you encounter the iron bars on the ground, and avoid these sorts of collisions. But such a measure would be extremely expensive. And how would one enforce a rule keeping the trains on those paths?

    A big hole in homeland security is railway engineer screening and hijacking prevention. There is nothing to stop a rogue engineer, or an ISIS terrorist, from driving a train into the Pentagon, the White House or the Statue of Liberty, and our government has done fuck-all to prevent it.

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