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Idiot driving in the wrong lane at double sided road.


Idiot driving in the wrong lane at double sided road.

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  1. if those arrows werent there I’d’ve thought OP was the idiot but it indeed is a wrong way driver…. Always gotta wonder what is going through their heads to drive the wrong way. GPS told them?… Something…. Darker? I honestly hope they didnt crash into anyone and were successfully stopped. Never know if its that wrong way driving someone who is going through something so bad they’d wanna… you know…

  2. I had this happen to me except I didn’t see the other car until it was almost too late. Luckily I turned the wheel at the lost possible moment to keep it from a head on. Got caught just behind the front driver door and it spun me into the median. Jumped out of the car to raise Hell and the other driver got out and it was a 92 year old lady who was confused. Instantly turned to concern. Totaled my car but luckily we were both unharmed. She said she got confused at an intersection and just drove straight which brought her to the wrong side of the road (intersection was on a curve). She drove almost 10 miles with no one trying to stop her.

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