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How To Set Up Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: Connect To Phone/Tablet


With the Galaxy SmartTag, Samsung has officially entered the Bluetooth tracker world. Here’s how to set up its latest accessory in no time at all.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is one of the best Bluetooth trackers around and setting it up takes just a few seconds. Announced in January 2021, the Galaxy SmartTag can be placed on a bag, keychain, or other everyday items for fast and convenient tracking.

Bluetooth trackers like this have been around for quite a few years, most notably thanks to the popular Tile trackers. For whatever reason, however, Bluetooth trackers are quickly becoming more popular than they’ve been in a long time. In addition to the regular Galaxy SmartTag, Samsung now also offers the Galaxy SmartTag Plus that adds UWB and AR to the mix, resulting in a more precise and detailed tracking experience. Regardless of which SmartTag someone picks up, the setup process is equally simple.

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Per Samsung’s instructions, make sure the SmartTag is near a phone and then open the SmartThings app (which is pre-installed on Samsung devices). There should be a pop-up to automatically add the SmartTag, but if not, tap the ‘+’ icon at the top right, tap ‘Device,’ and then tap ‘Scan nearby.’ Tap the SmartTag once it shows up, tap the checkbox to agree to Samsung’s Privacy Notice, and then tap ‘Agree.’ After tapping ‘Start’ on the next screen, users are asked to press the center of the SmartTag to initiate a sync between it and the phone. Within a few seconds, everything should be good to go.  There’s an option to rename the SmartTag if desired, but if not, just tap the ‘Done’ button towards the bottom-right of the screen to complete the process.

Tips For Using The Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung SmartThings app showing settings for the Galaxy SmartTag

With the SmartTag all set up, there will now be a tile for it on the home page of the SmartThings app. If users tap on that tile, they’re given a list of settings to mess around with. At the top of this page is a prompt to indicate what the SmartTag is attached to. Tap ‘Select’ on that prompt and then choose from a long list of options – including everything from a key, backpack, wallet, dog, and more. Should someone have more than one SmartTag, this makes it easy to determine which tracker is tracking what.

Also on that settings page for the SmartTag is an option called ‘Let tag find your device.’ This allows users to double press the button on the SmartTag to make the connected phone ring, and while it’s turned off by default, it’s definitely worth turning on. Scrolling down the page a bit more, there are settings to change the volume of the SmartTag, customize its ringtone, and an area to see how its battery is holding up.

When a SmartTag is used with a Samsung phone, there’s also the ability to map its button to customizable actions. For example, a single press can be used to control a smart device while holding the button can automatically send a text to a user’s contact. These remappable actions are found on the same settings page, and taking the time to set them up can take the Galaxy SmartTag from being great to amazing.

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