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Here are Some Tips to Keep Costs Down When Postponing A Wedding


Here’s a checklist for those thinking about postponing, or even canceling, their wedding or reception.

Check your insurance policy and individual vendor contracts

Many wedding planners, as well as venues, require their clients to have wedding insurance. If you have it, call your provider and ask what types of cancellations and postponements your policy covers.

Then look over your individual vendor contracts to see what photographers, caterers and florists have to say when it comes to rescheduling.

Plan for the possibility of additional costs

“When vendors receive requests to reschedule, they have missed out on money for a specific day and may request the initial contract to be paid in full,” said Marsha Barnes, founder of The Finance Bar, a service that promotes financial wellness for women and couples.

Additionally, some vendors have increased their pricing as a result of safety measures that weren’t in place pre-pandemic, Ms. Barnes said.

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