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Greta Thunberg to snub COP26 Glasgow summit


Greta Thunberg is to snub the COP26 summit in Glasgow as she has suggested it should be delayed due to Covid-19.

The young climate change activist has said “vaccine nationalism”, meaning that many around the world have  not been jabbed and therefore cannot safely travel, means there will be unequal access to the November summit.

Online replacement events would not be adequate, she added, as many countries do not have the same access to internet. 

Ministers were shocked by the news, and The Telegraph understands some involved in organising the conference found out from her tweets that she planned to snub the event.

Ms Thunberg explained: “Of course I would love to attend the Glasgow #COP26 But not unless everyone can take part on the same terms. Right now many countries are vaccinating healthy young people, often at the expense of risk groups and front line workers (mainly from global south, as usual…)

“Inequality and climate injustice is already the heart of the climate crisis. If people can’t be vaccinated and travel to be represented equally that’s undemocratic and would worsen the problem. Vaccine nationalism won’t solve the pandemic. Global problems need global solutions.”

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