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As if one car wasn’t enough…


As if one car wasn’t enough…

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  1. Here’s the backstory. Not one, but more than six vehicles were rammed in the accident. The motorist in the Lexus SUV was fined $250, in addition to hefty charges. Here’s a link about the incident: [](

    Video cred: Abu Dhabi Police

  2. Kudos to the black SUV in the left lane. First of all, he was in the left lane, which allows an empty shoulder next to him. He left a long distance in front of him for safety. Watching the mirrors carefully. When the collision begins, he punches the gas and drives up the shoulder.

    Great situational awareness!

  3. Pretty sure he was either on his phone, on drugs or going 100 over the speed limit and couldnt break in time. Ask anyone who has lived in an Arab country. The roads are frightening.

  4. This reminds me of the cue ball hitting one ball, bouncing off and hitting another; this guy was the idiot cue ball! I definitely agree about curls to the black SUV in the left lane. He was aware of his surroundings and got out of the way of being number 5 in the “hit parade”!

  5. What was up with the land rover (I think) with the wheel on the back in the left lane at the end?

    Looks like he hit the first car that was hit, again.

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