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And this is why we don’t drive aggressively…


And this is why we don’t drive aggressively…

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  1. I swear the civil engineers in Indiana encourage this behavior. 4 lane roads almost always merge left. This makes through traffic hang out in the left lane. If you want to go faster you’re forced to pass on the right.

    Then they’ll also put these damn merge lanes like 100′ past a stop light, so if you time it right, you can hit the green light at speed in the right lane to pass the traffic waiting at the light.

    Overall, I hate the traffic layouts here and they teach bad driving habits.

  2. Yea dude in truck just straight floored it once he saw that coming up on his right. I’m actually shocked he was able to prevent him from passing so easily when you think about weight there.

  3. Why didn’t the idiot just tuck in behind him? Nothing wrong with a good drag and admission of defeat. This is not an aggressive driver, this is an idiot. An idiot, that has no spatial awareness of the vehicles around him.

    New Title: **And this is why we don’t drive like an idiot…**

    I drive aggressive, I’ve done similar. Sometimes I get ahead, sometimes I tuck…like I’m asking it to put lotion on its skin. No shame. But, just locking up the brakes and having no idea where the cars are around you, that’s an idiot.

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