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Saw two idiots on tiktok.


Saw two idiots on tiktok.

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  1. Boy do I got a story to tell.

    When I was in high school we were on the school bus headed back to our high school from the tech center in the neighboring town. While we were up on the ridge the bus driver decided she was just too hot. So she started to take of her sweater which became stuck. Cue the bus driver flailing like a fool and the bus heading towards the drop on the side of the ridge. Luckily a student in the front seat grabbed the wheel and brough the bus to the side of the road so the bus driver could get her sweater off. Fun times.

  2. I did something similar to my dad when I was around 6-7. I was in the front seat with him and was cold so I flung my blanket up to cover myself. It also flung in front of my dad and he rear ended someone.

  3. I miss Dead or Vegetable. I’m pretty sure that’s where I saw a video of two girls doing something similar except they crashed the car and it kept recording afterwards. Be something to share with these two idiots.

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