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This insanely talented bartender


This insanely talented bartender

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  1. Yea man you got it right and shit but it’s been five minutes I’m so damn thirsty I drank the flower juice from the decor vases please let me have something

  2. This just shows that there are many people out there NOT BEING SAFE and causing massive spikes in Covid cases. I get it. We are all tired of this nonsense and want normalcy back.

    But seriously, now is not the time to get a case of the “fuck it’s” and act like Covid isn’t still a deadly problem.

  3. Just pour my fucking drink. Now you have a line backed up cause you want to do circus acts in between pours. You know who I tip 20bucks to? A quick bartender who doesn’t draw attention to themselves.

  4. Sometimes, I wonder how I would do if I were transported into the Middle Ages. Which of my skills would allow me to integrate into the society. Well, this guy has nothing to worry about.

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