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London’s most popular women politicians from Thatcher, Abbott to Harman


Labour’s Jennette Arnold: more votes than any other woman in London


Ms Arnold, a former nurse and Islington councillor, secured top place based on the number of votes she has received over her full-time political career.

As the elected member for the assembly’s North East constituency, which covers Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest, she has amassed 347,140 votes over two decades at City Hall, being directly elected on four occasions since 2004 by increasingly large numbers of votes in a Labour stronghold.

Labour’s Harriet Harman has the second biggest haul of votes

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Labour MP Harriet Harman was second, with 266,617 votes. She is currently the longest serving woman MP and ‘Mother of the House’.

First elected in a 1982 by-election, she has been MP for Peckham, then Camberwell and Peckham, ever since. Ms Harman was acting leader of the Labour Party in 2010 and 2015, and held a range of cabinet posts in the last Labour Government, including Leader of the House.

Labour MEP Carole Tongue is third, with 265,432 votes. She represented the London East constituency, winning elections between 1984 and1994 under the earlier first-past-the-post election system for the European Parliament.

Ms Berry said: “I wanted to celebrate the women who have stood up to be counted in London. I know we’ve had a lot of long-serving MPs and assembly members but no-one had tried to compile these ‘votes for women’ totals before.

“I am so happy to see my assembly colleague Jennette Arnold at the top of the table. She has stayed the course and been a really clear voice in City Hall who I’ve loved working with, especially when we are holding- the police to account over Londoners’ rights.”

Sian Berry: There has never been a woman mayoral candidate for Labour or the Conservatives

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