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TikTok star Mikaela Testa mistakes Sydney for Australia’s capital city


A TikTok star has defended her awkward geography mistake after being called out for naming Sydney as the capital of Australia – telling critics to “move on”.

Mikaela Testa regularly documents her lavish lifestyle on social media with her 1.2 million Instagram followers and 472,000 TikTok fans.

But the Gold Coast model – who earns a small fortune selling raunchy content on OnlyFans – recently made a trip to Sydney and described it as the “capital of Australia” in her daily vlog.

She’s since been being flooded with thousands of messages – many of them cruelly labelling her “dumb” and “embarrassing” – prompting Mikaela to speak out.

The 20-year-old said most people were “super nice” over the slip of her tongue, but some had been incredibly rude.

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“Guys, I know I f**ked up, I f**ked up okay,” she said in an Instagram Stories video.

“Canberra is the capital of Australia and I knew that, but what makes me think Sydney is the capital is because it’s the biggest.

“Thanks for correcting me, I mean, I look really stupid now. But I’m sure there’s a lot of people in this country who think the same thing, so I’m good.”

Mikaela went on to say she appreciated everyone who was nice about her “mistake” but said some people just “took it an ran”.

She then showed a screenshot of some of the messages she’d received, one of which reads: “Go to school dumb ass.”

The comments section on the video shared to her TikTok account also blew up with people pointing out the mistake, some brutally roasting Mikaela for the error.

“Sydney is nowhere near the capital of Australia,” one person wrote.

“Imagine not knowing the capital of the country you live in,” another said.

While one person declared: “This is embarrassing.”

Another cruelly agreed, saying: ““So stupid, obviously didn’t finish school.”

Mikaela appeared to take the backlash in her stride, cheekily defending her mistake by stating Sydney is better than Canberra and “deserves the hype”.

“There’s literally nothing there [in Canberra] except some boring ass parliament s**t whatever it is, prime minister s**t, no one cares,” she said.

The remark prompted a few comments from angry ACT locals who said she shouldn’t throw their city under the bus.

“Just because you got the capital of your own country wrong doesn’t mean you need to diss Canberra sweetheart,” one said.

“People from Canberra be like,” another said, before leaving two eye emojis.

Another invited Mikaela to Canberra to show her there’s much more than “just Parliament House”.

Others defended Mikaela saying it was an “innocent mistake” and there were “bigger things to be concerned about”.

Some also pointed out another detail in her vlog, that she paid for a stranger’s shopping, and said we should be focusing on that.

“Can we just talk about how bloody generous and kind-hearted you are for paying for the girl’s stuff,” one said.

Mikaela became a well-known face in 2019 after she shared a video of her breaking down in tears over Instagram’s decision to hide “likes” from followers.

She’s since had huge success with TikTok and last year she revealed she spent $1.4 million in 12 months.

Her financial success has seen her move into a Gold Coast mansion with her boyfriend Atis Paul, 19, his sister Anna Paul – who is another hugely successful OnlyFans creator – and the 21-year-old’s boyfriend Glen Thompson.

Anna’s TikTok account has just been “permanently deleted” with a spokesperson for the tech giant telling the sex worker’s account “glorifies sexual solicitation”.

But the 21-year-old told her X-rated job was never shown on the platform, instead it documented her day-to-day life which included make-up tutorials, feeding her birds and eating out.

In response to the ban, Anna’s 1.2 million followers have erupted in rage, branding the move “a joke”.

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