Really? U-Turn across all 3 lanes of I-15?


Really? U-Turn across all 3 lanes of I-15?

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  1. Ok the truck driver could have used better judgement but seemed there was very little traffic there ..driver had plenty of time to slow down and make this no big deal ..I the grand scheme of things this is very mild and nothing to make such an issue of

  2. I mean, you were the closest person and you weren’t even that close either. Also, it’s a truck. Were you expecting him to be able to do a U-turn on a single-lane road?

    Edit: Before anyone else says anything to me, I misunderstood what the issue was based on the title. I didn’t realize this was illegal. I assumed the issue was that he blocked the lanes & could’ve caused an accident. My apologies.

  3. Whatever. Stop being a whiny bitch. No one even on the road but you and the semi. You could have changed lanes. You only had to slow down for ten seconds.

  4. It looks like a weigh station on the right, he’s probably running illegally heavy and turning around before they could see him, or missed the sign for it and is afraid they will chase him down and give him a ticket. Still illegal and dangerous to make a u-turn, but that’s why he is doing it. Also the right lane in this case is not a truck only lane. The truck only lanes in california have a solid line, not a dashed line.

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