Pioli: The Milan players deserve praise … and we hope to be one of the “lucky” four in the Italian league!


Milan coach Stefano Pioli expressed his luck by winning his team over the Roma in the Italian league and talked about the development of the team’s level and goals.

Milan beat Roma with two goals to one, and Frank Casey and Ante Rebic scored to increase his score to 52 in second place, 4 points behind Inter Milan.

And Pioli spoke in his statement on “Sky Sport Italia” and said: “I told the team that two negative matches could not deprive us of the trust we had built together for more than a year.”

He added: “We had hoped to do better in the last two weeks, but the fact that we did not do so should give us another incentive.”

And Bioli continued: “The first half was great, we were able to score more goals, a match with a high pace and intensity, the kind we like to play.”

Coach Milan added: “It was against a very strong team, so a goal could be scored, but the players deserve praise.”

The coach made a surprising decision in this match and left Alessio Romanioli on the bench in favor of Ficay Tomori.

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Bioli remarked, “I was expecting this performance because Tomori played the derby two days after he joined us, so he was at that level from the beginning. I still think this is a team that allows individuals to play, and we have all won a very important match. “

He stressed: “The Roma have players who have high speed and high quality in the attack, so we knew we would take a risk, but we got more balls on the opponent’s half of the court, so we were more dangerous in the attack.”

He added: “We are still a young team, we can not have all the impression that a more advanced team can put into the match, there is a certain naivety, but we have 17 points more in the table than we were at this stage last season we are in the 16th round of the European league. “We played more games than any other team.”

Pioli continued: “I do not forget that we are the youngest team in the Italian league, we were fully aware that we are not alone against Spezia and Inter Milan.”

Pioli was asked how he perceived the development of Milan, because the third place of the team would be considered a disappointment. “I think it just proves that football is a strange ancient world,” he replied.

He explained: “If someone had told us a year ago that we would be in second place, people would not believe us. We know where we started and we know the goals we started the season with and the way we have to go. ”

He concluded: “I can assure you that the four teams will be very happy, that they will be among the first four, and the rest will be unhappy, so we hope to be happy. For a long time, we have been raising expectations with good performance, and we are aware of that. “

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