Another idiot who doesn’t know how to stay in their own lane


Another idiot who doesn’t know how to stay in their own lane

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  1. There’s a turn like this at a mall near where I live. If I want to be in the left lane when I turn onto the road that exits the mall (which makes it easy to get on the highway that’s nearby), then I pick the left lane. If I want to be in the right lane (and therefore stay on the road that leads another direction), I pick the right lane.

    But I guess people wanna exit a turn like they are at the race track and drift to the outside.

  2. Ugh! I had that happen to me not too long ago. After he cut me off, he immediately turned right into the shopping center. Why are you all the way in the left lane if you need to make a right turn?!

  3. I hate that shit used to have a turning lane omw home that people would constantly do that on I started just taking off the line quicker so I was ahead of them before they could do it to me.

  4. Exact same thing happened to me a couple hours ago getting off the freeway. When I passed the car, the driver was holding their phone by the steering wheel and staring at it.

  5. I only have 15years of driving experience, but in those 15 years I’ve learned that anyone in a white truck doesnt give a single fuck about anything or anyone else

  6. When I lived in Hillsboro (land of Intel) there were so many drivers from other countries, things like this were the norm. You ALWAYS checked the car next to you before turning, because many times, this happened.

  7. What’s nuts is that a lot of these people don’t even know what they did wrong after the fact. Heck, they couldn’t be bothered to think about where they were going beforehand.

    I mean, it happens so ridiculously often, that I’ll see someone intentionally merge into the leftmost turn lane at the red light, only to merge all the way back over to the right, either mid-intersection or immediately after the intersection.

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