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“US, the world’s largest economy,” owes India USD 216 billion in loan ; Debt soars to 29 trillion dollars


The US, the world’s greatest economy, owes India 216 billion dollars in loans as the country’s debt increases to a record 29 trillion dollars, an American warning the administration against tearing foreign debt, the largest of which originates from China and Japan.

In 2020, the US federal debt was 23.4 trillion dollars, that was 72,309 dollars in debt per person.”We are going to grow our debt to 29 trillion dollars. That is even more debt owed per citizen. There is a lot of false information about where the debt is persisting. The topmost two countries we owe the debt to are China and Japan, not our friends,” Congressman Alex Mooney said.

We are a global contest with China all the period. They are carrying a lot of the shares. We owe China over 1 trillion dollars and we owe Japan over 1 trillion dollars, the Republican Senator from West Virginia said on the floor of the US House of Representatives as he and others opposed the latest stimulus package of 2 trillion dollars. In January, US President Joe Biden declared a 1.9 trillion dollars coronavirus relief package to undertake the economic result from the pandemic, including immediate financial assistance to average Americans, aid to businesses, and give a hike to the national vaccination program.

The people who are lending us the money we have to return are not people who have our greatest interest at heart. Brazil, we owe 258 dollars a billion. India, we owe 216 billion dollars. And the list continues on the account that is owed to foreign nations, Congressman Mooney said. America’s national debt was 5.6 trillion dollars in 2000. During the Obama presidency, it increased by double.

Since the eight years Obama was President, we have grown our national debt. And we are combining another proposed here totally out of power debt-to-GDP ratio, he said forcing his Congressional colleagues to consider this national debt issue before passing the stimulus package. “So I urge my colleagues to consider the future. Don’t buy into the government has no money it doesn’t take from you that you are going to have to pay back. We need to be judicious with these dollars, and most of this is not going to coronavirus relief anyway, “he said.
Congressmen Mooney said that things have gone completely out of order.

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The Congressional Budget Office counts an additional 104 trillion dollars will be calculated by 2050. The Congressional Budget Office forecasted debt would increase 200 percent. “Today, as I stand here right now, we have 27.9 trillion dollars in national debt…That is a little more than 84,000 dollars of debt to every American citizen right here today, Mooney said. We have borrowed 10,000 dollars per person in one year. I mean, that is out of control,” he said.

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