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‘It’s Zelda, but for mobile’. Dear reader, we have heard such a lofty claim, or variations thereof, a countless number of times over years. What this usually translates to is a top-down hack-and-slash action game with a generic fantasy setting and a suspiciously familiar life meter.

Knightin’+ goes the extra mile with its Zelda tribute, however. True, it jettisons the sense of open world exploration that you get with Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening. But the game actually bothers to include some of the fiendish dungeon puzzle magic that often goes overlooked when translating Zelda to mobile. Oh, and there’s plenty of top-down hack-and-slash action, of course.


About Love and Hate 2

About Love and Hate 2

This ingenious spatial puzzler boasts a wonderful art style and some of the cleverest puzzles you’ll face all year. You must guide Love and Hate (little black blobs with sad eyes) around a series of precariously suspended pathways, figuring out the most logical way to push each level’s buttons.

The visuals style is really quite distinctive too, somehow simultaneously three-dimensional and hand-drawn. With no annoying freemium elements or IAPs, About Love and Hate 2 feels like a call back to the golden years of the mobile puzzler.


Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter

We love a good word game here at PG, but we accept that you don’t always associate the genre with riotous fun. Kitty Letter has come along to set us straight.

Coming from the team that brought you The Oatmeal webcomic and the Exploding Kittens card game, there’s a familiar sense of anarchic fun on display here. The game itself is kind of like a mash up of Scrabble and Clash Royale, with an added sense of urgency lent to your word-scrambling efforts.


Five Dates

Genre: Adventure, Simulation

Five Dates

A bright and breezy narrative game with an oh-so-timely theme. In Five Dates, you’ll be sent on a series of convincing lonckdown-induced video dates, with convincingly written and acted video snippets stitched together by the lightest of conversational frameworks.

Rather like dating, you’re either going to hit it off with this kind of thing straight away or be left entirely cold by the experience. But for what it is, Five Dates is funny, fresh, well turned out, and straight to the point. Again, rather like a good date.




Here’s another puzzler that reminds us of the golden era of physics-driven mobile puzzlers. That said, Lyxo is a completely different kettle of fish to About Love and Hate 2.

The game involves you reflecting beams of light around a series of minimalistic levels. Before long you’ll be splitting those icy white light beams into their constituent colours. It’s the realistic way in which these refraction processes play out that really wins the day here.



Genre: Adventure

Find out more about Inked

On the off chance that you haven’t yet had your fill of beautiful puzzlers in February, Inked is here to well and truly gild the lily. At the heart of its appeal is a unique art style that makes the game look like it was scrawled in a sketch book by a very talented artist. With a biro.

Fresh looks aside, you’re looking at a simple puzzler that sees you dragging around various environmental elements to aid the progression of a lovestruck rogue samurai. But like we said, it’s really all about that stunning presentation. For once, the style IS the substance.

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