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This guy backed into me. He said “I didn’t see you!” I wonder why not…


This guy backed into me. He said “I didn’t see you!” I wonder why not…

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  1. This is the truest post of this sub ever! A lot of accidents are silly and it’s because drivers have road rage or are distracted. This guy who doesn’t even bother to clean off his back window, use the rear wiper and or put on the rear defrost before backing up? This person is a true idiot.

  2. Yes, we make our cars snow-free for the fun. standing 20 minutes in the snow and wind, getting rid of all the ice and snow on our car *because we like it.*


    ‘Huhu, stupid people… All wasting time to clean their car. Suckers! -screeches off- Oh SHI-!’

  3. I’ve had something similar happen twice. Once I was in a car, once walking in a parking lot. No shit you didn’t see me, you didn’t bother to turn around to look. Even with a back up cam, you need to look with your eyes. Backup cams have a narrow periphery.

  4. Fucking idiot didn’t even try and use the back windshield wiper to get some of it off. There are a lot of people who don’t deserve to drive cars honestly

  5. I was stopped at an established red light a couple winters ago. I see a guy coming up the road behind me, not slowing down, windshield completely iced over. I lean on the horn, he starts to slow down but still hits me. We get out, exchange paperwork. I said “windshield iced up, huh?” He said “No…. I didn’t really clean it off before I left the house….”

    Everyone’s safety is less important to asshats like this than the five minutes of their day it would take to clear their windshield. They should be treated like drunk drivers and have their license suspended. If you can’t be trusted to do the absolute bare minimum to keep the operation of your vehicle safe, you can’t be trusted to drive.

  6. I had a guy try to back up out of his driveway and hit the huge yellow compressor attached to the back of my work truck, he said that he didn’t see it and his car looked exactly like this…. 1) how do you not notice a huge yellow compressor attached to a Chevy Express van that is parked in front of your house and 2) he tried to argue that we moved our truck there while he was backing up to make him hit us (we had the compressor running for about 30min at that point)

  7. I lived in a city/town that had a law stating if you didn’t clear all your windows during snow and you were involved in a wreck you were at fault regardless of who’s fault it might have really been.

  8. After today’s snow I’m starting to feel like I’m in the minority for actually looking out my back window and not just using the side mirrors. I saw so many cars with their back windows not cleared at all.

  9. This reminds me of a Ford Escape I saw on the way to work today. There was snow on the roof, snow on the side windows, snow covering whatever that was stretched over the hole where the rear window once was, a burned out brake and turn signal bulb on the passenger side and a very low (like so low it was obvious the vehicle was leaning) rear driver’s side tire.

    I’ve driven some rough vehicles over the years but I’ve almost always had a couple spare bulbs, fuses, a tire pump on board, a snow brush even in the summer time…

    Edit/ninja-edit: I met up with a terrible person in the middle of January and I gave her a ride somewhere before leaving. She was apparently shocked and said “oh man, you still got your snow brush in the car”… like… where else would it be? It’s January and we live in Pennsylvania. I probably have another in the hidden cargo hatch.

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