That could have ended badly. Thankfully nothing happened.


That could have ended badly. Thankfully nothing happened.

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  1. I am impressed with the recovery and sheer luck no one else was caught up.

    But, I am rather annoyed that they created this problem with excessive speed and lack of awareness.

    For sure one lucky idiot.

  2. So to me it looks like the BMW was intending to merge to the left, mirror check, shoulder check to make sure lane was clear and started moving out when they saw that the Mercedes had slowed down and was right infront of them causing them to hit the brakes (or perhaps auto braking?) And be it that you dont want to be turning and braking exacerbated the situation causing him to lose some control.

    Doesnt seem like speeding, just really poor timing when they probably went to check the lane that the car infront slowed way down.

    Also possible a knee jerk reaction to the 3 feet of matte black low hanging basket off the back of the Mercedes that you can just barely see.

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