Samsung is about to solve many cell phone problems?


The bezel-less trend has long since peaked. It is now almost impossible to further improve the supply housing ratio by traditional means. But the summit has not yet been reached. It just means that manufacturers now have to resort to unconventional methods – and that’s exactly what they have to do Samsung Also before, as a new patent proves.

Galaxy A82 with double sliding

Cell phone manufacturers have already used many unconventional methods to improve the aspect ratio. These include, for example, a Retractable front camera, Run The second show is on the back (For portraits) and one A camera under the screen. However, these methods have not really been successful yet, which is why the manufacturers are still working on a solution. For example, Samsung filed a patent with the USPTO in mid-2020, which is now on the mid-range Galaxy A82. The fifth generation network Can apply. The core of the patent has two sliders that can slide out of the housing.

Samsung’s patent shows a double slider

The front camera and main camera are located in the top slider. On the contrary, this means that both cameras are invisible when folded and only visible when needed. In the avatar, which is based on official patent drawings, the main camera has three lenses and the front camera has two sensors. However, Samsung has not intentionally identified itself in its patents. Therefore the number of lenses in the final device may vary.

Highlight: The second slider

There has not yet been any specific information about whether the technology described in the patent is actually in use. However, there is a possibility that the mid-range Galaxy A82 5G smartphone has two sliders. At least that’s what the devices of the previous model suggested Samsung Galaxy A80 Down. The smartphone was also equipped with a slide at that time, although its functional principle is somewhat different.

Samsung’s patent shows a double slider

The Galaxy A82 5G also has a second slider on the bottom of the smartphone. This hides a large speaker that most other manufacturers have dispensed with in recent years due to the bezel-less trend previously mentioned. So the Galaxy A82 5G could be an excellent choice for audiophiles. On the other hand, sliders are usually subject to dust and dirt, which may affect the life of the smartphone or the slider itself. Thus, it has to be seen whether the new technology makes sense or not in practice.

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